‘Destiny’: Xur’s Exotic Goods For Sept. 25, Hawkmoon Makes First Appearance

Scott Grill - Author

Sep. 25 2015, Updated 6:13 a.m. ET

What does Xûr, Agent of the Nine, have in store for Destiny players on the PlayStation and Xbox for the weekend of Friday, September 25? The mysterious vendor appeared in the Tower today with a new Taken King Exotic for Hunters, plus the previously PlayStation exclusive Hawkmoon Hand Cannon is available for everyone to drop Strange Coins on.

Destiny players looking for Xûr should turn right and head toward the hangar after spawning at the Tower. Once you’ve gone through the long hallway and entered the hangar, turn right and you will see the seller of Exotics. Here’s where you can find him on the Tower map, just to be sure.

Xûr and his items will only be available in Destiny through the morning of Sunday, September 27. As soon as the clock strikes 5 a.m. ET / 2 a.m. PT, he will be gone.

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The big news with Xur’s inventory is the one, all-new item he is offering for Destiny along with a Year Two upgrade of a previously PlayStation exclusive weapon. Hunters get the Sealed Ahamkara Grasps introduced with The Taken King, while everyone will have the chance to pick up the Hawkmoon. Titans and Warlocks will have to be satisfied with Year Two armor upgrades this week for Ruin Wings and Light Beyond Nemesis.

Don’t forget that you can use the Three of Coins to increase the odds of an Exotic Engram drop from defeating an Ultra boss during many of the activities available in Destiny. Bungie did release a hot fix patch yesterday that nerfed it, but this was only a nerf targeted towards a farming technique and not normal play.

Here is what is available for sale and upgrade from Xûr this weekend. Thanks again to DestinyDB for the Exotic information below.

Exotic Gear on Sale



Max Stat


Titan Gauntlets

45 Intellect / 41 Strength

13 Strange Coins

Hunter Gauntlets

70 Strength

13 Strange Coins

Warlock Gauntlets

75 Intellect

13 Strange Coins

Hand Cannon

23 Strange Coins

Exotic Year One Primary Weapon

31 Strange Coins


Legendary Vehicle Upgrade

23 Strange Coins

Legendary Vehicle Upgrade

23 Strange Coins

Ammo Synthesis 3-pack

1 Strange Coin

Exotic Chance Boost 5-pack

7 Strange Coins

For those wondering what to get, here are a few helpful hints.


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The Hawkmoon is still a potent Exotic weapon despite the recent 2.0 update nerfs. “Luck in the Chamber” combined with “Holding Aces” gives the possibility of up to three bullets from a single magazine producing a sizable damage output. This makes the already high impact Hand Cannon particularly useful in Crucible and something that Xbox owners should be happy to see.

Ruin Wings

The ability to gain extra Heavy Weapon ammo drops is always welcome and the Year Two versions of Ruin Wings continues the tradition with the “Seeds of Ruin” perk for Titans. This week’s edition also offers the choice between faster reloading for Sniper Rifles and Rocket Launchers as well as a choice between increased grenade throw distance and bonus grenade energy on melee hits.

The split stat of 45 Intellect and 28 Strength or 32 Intellect and 41 Strength is a decent roll from what we’ve seen so far from the new stats for Year Two. It’s a worthwhile pickup for those looking for a Year Two upgrade.

Sealed Ahamkara Grasps

This all new Exotic Gauntlet piece for Hunters synergizes well with the new Darkstalker sub-class, as well as Bladedancers, due to the extra melee charge. This will give Hunters the ability to go invisible twice, which is always a bonus in PVE and sometimes in PVP, too.

The excellent 70 Strength stat roll combined with the newness of these gauntlets make them a must have for Destiny players this week.

Light Beyond Nemesis

This helmet helped turn Warlocks into orb generating machines in Destiny Year One. The Year Two versions continue producing extra orbs with the “Keeper of the Pack” perk, but not as many overall. It still excels in helping players revive teammates faster in PVP modes such as Elimination and Trials of Osiris.

The 75 Intellect roll is excellent. Warlocks should pick this up if they don’t already have the Year Two version.

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