Hannah Graham: ‘CBS 48 Hours’ Looks At Tragic Disappearance Of Teens And The Life Of Serial Killer Jesse Matthew

The Hannah Graham case will be the feature story of tonight’s 48 Hours on CBS.

48 Hours is a weekly show designed to bring viewers the latest in topical stories. Tonight’s story, entitled “Deadly Connections,” will examine the events that led up to the disappearance of 18-year old Hannah Graham, a University of Virginia student who disappeared from a mall in the downtown area. DNA obtained from the Hannah Graham case was linked forensically to the case of two more young women who disappeared from Virginia: Morgan Dana Harrington and Alexis Murphy.

Hannah Graham’s tragic disappearance was the subject of national news in 2013 when her parents, John and Susan Graham, revealed that their daughter had not returned home. Police launched a relentless and intense search for the missing teenager. Surveillance video pulled from a local jewelry store shows Hannah Graham walking with a man, but she then disappears from the view of the camera.

In 2014, law enforcement officials held a press conference, stating that they had found the remains of a young woman positively identified as the body of Hannah Graham. Her devastated parents did everything they could to keep her case alive until a killer could be identified. Detectives caught a break in the case from a composite photo of the killer, which was linked back to Jesse Matthew.

Viewers can expect to see how investigators made the connection between Jessie Matthews and Morgan Harrington and Alexis Murphy. Morgan Harrington was a 20-year-old Virginia Tech student who vanished from the John Paul Jones Arena in 2009. Her body was found in 2010, seven miles away.

Seventeen-year-old Alexis Murphy was a black female who disappeared in 2013. According to police records, the missing girl was last seen at a gas station in Lovington. Her body has never been found. Another man, Randy Taylor, was eventually arrested for the murder, yet many believe that Murphy could have been a victim of Jesse Matthews. It will be interesting to see how 48 Hours ties all three cases together. Here is the tease for tonight’s show, according to Newsplex. Last week, the Inquisitr covered the 48 Hours episode dealing with the case of Vincent Viafore.

“48 Hours goes inside UVA student Hannah Graham’s murder investigation & how DNA may close other unsolved cases spanning a decade() Our story is about the kidnapping and murder of a young college student, Hannah Graham,” she said. “This happened about a year ago. and as we pursued it, it became clear that it was a little bit more complicated than just one crime.”

[Photo Credit: Newshunter/Twitter]