Jenna Jameson, Janice Dickinson Suffer Double Eviction Blow

Tuesday brought with it a live double eviction night for Celebrity Big Brother U.K., and Jenna Jameson and Janice Dickinson were the unlucky ladies who got the boot.

Four fates were hanging in the balance at the top of Tuesday’s episode: those of both Jameson and Dickinson, as well as the remaining Team U.S.A. housemate Austin Armacost and Team U.K. housemate Bobby Davro. Jameson was announced first, as the housemate who received the least amount of votes, making her the sixth eviction of the series.

Immediately following her eviction, Jameson descended the stairs to the interview platform, ignoring the many jeers, with “Dirrty” by Christina Aguilera as her farewell march. She sat down with host Emma Willis, and when asked how she felt, Jameson replied that being evicted was “invigorating.”

Jameson looked lovingly into the crowd at fiancé Lior Bitton as she continued, “Like, I didn’t wanna go, but now that I’m out, I’m so stoked, because I see my man’s face, and I’m so excited.”

It was no secret that Jameson had a special connection with former housemate Farrah Abraham, who was notorious for her abusive treatment to the other housemates. When asked about the relationship, Jameson had this to say:

“I think she kind of looked up to me. I think that I kind of tempered her. You could see a big difference between her when she first came into the house to her at the end. So she grew a bit. She’s a young girl, and I wanted to be a good influence, you know? The thing is, I am not here to be the referee, or to tell her who she needs to be, but I am there to give her a sense of what she should be. You can be yourself, and be crazy, and be sassy, and not take any s*it, but you don’t have to be abusive. I even had that discussion with her, time and time again.”

After Jameson exited, Janice Dickinson was announced as the seventh housemate to be evicted this season. Dickinson was escorted down the stairs to “Supermodel” by RuPaul. She explained to Emma Willis how it felt to be evicted and out of the house.

“It’s kind of like a dream. I’m actually sitting in a dream.”

The show has ended, but no spoilers here! Well, maybe here.