Xbox One Elite Console Is Just A Money Grab For PC Gamers

The Xbox One Elite console might look like a good idea on paper, but it should have been the one we saw at launch. Plus, with the new Xbox Elite wireless controller, it looks like nothing more than a cash grab for gamers who prefer their PC.

So, why would you buy a console if you already have a gaming PC? The graphics and sound on a high-end PC are potentially the sharpest you’ll find, and the frame rate on high-end systems makes 60 frames per second look like a child trying his hardest to please his parents. The only drawback for gamers who aren’t already masters at PC gaming is the keyboard and mouse, which feel awkward if you’re more comfortable with a console controller.

Apparently, the Xbox One Elite console is Microsoft’s attempt to get PC gamers into their audience, with its keyboard and mouse compatibility on the way, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. There are some good reasons why this won’t work. The first would be if you already own an Xbox One. There is no point in buying the console all over again just for some updates that should have been included at launch. Put the money into a quality gaming PC rig if you really want PC gaming that badly.

Not even the technically “superior” PlayStation 4 can guarantee 1080p 60fps visuals, though developers have been known to get closer on Sony’s machine than on Xbox One. No one knows yet if the new Xbox One console will be able to reach that potential any more easily, and it’s often up to the developers to make it happen.

What really bothers me the most about the Xbox One Elite console controller is the interchangeable controls and paddles revealed on the official Xbox website. For gamers with larger hands, those paddles are going to be more in the way than they are useful. We’ll keep squeezing them without intending to and possibly making more games with complex control schemes harder to play.

Also with the components of the controller being easy to swap out, the question arises over the quality of the optional thumb-sticks, directional pads, and paddles. If you swap parts enough, eventually they might just come loose in the middle of a hectic gaming session and fall off. Interchangeable parts wear out: just ask any auto mechanic.

TechnoBuffalo states that the Xbox One Elite console controller will cost about $149, and that’s just insane. If you’re the type who throws the controller against the wall out of frustration, save your money. Don’t buy something more expensive that will just break.

Last of all, the Hybrid Drive keeps track of what games you play the most and makes them load faster, storing the most-used data on a flash memory partition. Also, the hard drive will store twice as much as the console was launched to support. Why wasn’t this done on the Xbox One the first time?

Microsoft should have waited and developed the Xbox One Elite console instead of rushing out the Xbox One in 2013. This is just another money grab for gamers who prefer PC gaming without the added performance of an actual PC.

[Image via TechRadar]