‘Young And Restless’ Spoilers: Sage Is In Crisis, Neil Scrambles And Luca Taunts

Some Genoa City residents are facing difficult decisions on Tuesday’s Young and Restless. Spoilers indicate that Adam and Ian will bicker, Sage will face a new medical crisis, and Stitch and Abby face a difficult decision. What’s coming up in the September 22 show?

According to She Knows Soaps, Adam will scramble to keep Chelsea from discovering who their new neighbor is, and he’ll pressure Ian to leave town. Young and Restless spoilers detail that Ian will push Adam’s buttons and he makes it clear he’s not leaving town yet.

Luca continues to hang around, and he’ll have another confrontation with Marisa. She makes it clear that she doesn’t want him in Genoa City, but he taunts that he’ll make her change her mind. Sage will be working at the tackhouse, and Young and Restless spoilers reveal that she’ll experience a pain and then collapse.

Abby and Victoria will have a heated discussion about the numbers for both Chelsea’s line, which are crashing, as well as for Brash and Sassy. Celeb Dirty Laundry shares that Abby be angry as she leaves work, and when she catches up to Stitch, she’s in a foul mood. The two will argue and decide that it’s time to call it quits on their relationship.

As viewers saw on Monday’s show, Devon has showed up at the dream house to confront Neil, and Gwen isn’t far behind. Young and Restless spoilers indicate that Neil will claim that he’s fixing up the house for Hilary and Devon, and Devon seems touched by the gesture.

Gwen soon shows up, and Neil is furious. He says their relationship is over and hurls some loaded accusations at her. Young and Restless spoilers indicate that once Gwen and Devon leave, Neil will go to the boathouse and tell an unconscious Hilary that he shouldn’t have saved her. Neil will consider manipulating Hilary’s IV so that she’ll die, but then he stops and cries as he tells her he’s sorry.

Back at the Club, Victor pressures Marisa to do whatever it takes to get Luca to leave town. Soon, however, Noah tells Marisa that he’s realized she’s the one Luca came to town to find. It seems he’s none too happy that she tried to pull the wool over his eyes.

Victor will find an unconscious Sage at the tackhouse, and Young and Restless spoilers share that she’ll seem quite rattled to see him there as she wakes up. She’s been worried for a while now that he’s a threat to her baby, and many expect more trouble to come for Sage and this pregnancy.

Viewers know there’s much more drama ahead this week on Young and Restless, as Ian and Adam’s plan to ruin Newman continues and the baby drama for both Sage and Sharon escalates. Where is it all headed? Fans can’t wait to find out.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images]