‘Millionaire Matchmaker’: Second Millionaire Charged With Brutal Crime

It seems that Bravo and Patti Stanger need to get a better screening method for clients on Millionaire Matchmaker, because just in the span of one month, two men are under arrest for violent crimes. Very violent crimes.

TMZ is reporting that a second Millionaire Matchmaker has been arrested, and this one for attempted murder. John Bonavia, a financial advisor worth approximately $1 million, was arrested after neighbors called the police after hearing screaming and pounding coming from Bonavia’s house.

Bonavia was uncooperative, so the policed pushed into the house to find a woman who was bloody and beaten. Back in 2014, Bonavia was also charged with assaulting a girlfriend by choking.


Earlier this month, Michael Leslie Bernback of Sherman Oaks, California, was arrested on eight heinous felonies, according to the Daily News. Bernback was arrested twice in the course of one month for a list of charges.

“On Sept. 3, Bernback was charged with eight felonies: forcible rape, rape by use of drugs, rape of an unconscious person, forcible oral copulation, sexual penetration by a foreign object, attempted sodomy by use of force, and two counts of administering a drug to commit rape, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.”

It is also alleged that Ecstasy, GHB, and cocaine were used in the commission of the above crimes.


Radar Online reported that John Bonavia’s legal problems in his past might be even more extensive than initially suggested, which asks the question, who screens these men on a show that sends them off on private dates with women? Back in November, Bonavia was arrested for drunkenness and abusive behavior.

“John Bonavia was arrested on November 1st at 10:54pm on the 4200 Block of Fairfax Drive in Arlington, VA. He was charged with ‘Drunk in Public’ and ‘Curse and Abuse,’ for using profanity. It is a Class 3 / Class 4 Misdemeanor charge. He was held in the police station until he sobered up. He has a scheduled court date of January 5, 2015.”

At around that same time, he assaulted a woman in Hollywood.

“[Bonavia] ripped her shorts and proceeded to bite the side of her back and the side of her face. He then turned her over and started to strangle her with both hands around her neck,” the documents claim. “Fugate could not breathe and believed she was going to die. While choking Fugate, Bonavia repeated over and over again, ‘I’m going to kill you tonight,’ ” the documents allege.


Do you think they need a better screening process on Millionaire Matchmaker?

[Photo courtesy of Bravo]