The Voice Season Nine Best Blind Auditions Ever, Coaches Pass Over Ricky Nelson Relative

Season Nine of The Voice had a great first night of blind auditions. All but three of the blind auditions joined a team Monday night, one of the contestants who didn’t make it was the grand-nephew of Ricky Nelson. Coaches Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Pharell Williams and Blake Shelton each added two Voice contestants to their teams.

Last night the Voice contestants were some of the best and strongest talent that have auditioned on The Voice. First up was Mark Hood, an energetic, jazzy-styled artist whom all four coaches turned their chairs for his rendition of “Use Me.” Mark chose Pharell even though he had mentioned that he wanted to go with Blake. The next Voice team member was Kota Wade, a rock singer who has her own band. Kota performed “Bring It On Home To Me,” and she chose Gwen.

The third Voice team member was Keith Semple who moved to the U. S. from Northern Ireland. His rendition of “I’ll Be There For You” caught the attention of both Adam and Gwen, Keith chose Adam. After Keith performed, Alyssa Sheridan, 18, performed her blind audition of “Will You Remember Me” in honor of her step-father who was killed in Iraq. Unfortunately, Sheridan didn’t turn a chair. The next blind audition came from 15-year-old Siahna Im, who sang “Fever.” Gwen, Blake, and Pharell turned their chairs and Siahna chose Pharell. It was quite clear who her choice would be when she called Pharell “grand master skater P.”

When the next blind audition came up the show didn’t give the viewers a glance at the singer beforehand. Instead the viewers at home were basically shown what it’s like to be a judge on The Voice during a blind audition. The singer was Jordan Smith, who has a very high range and almost sounds like a female, and he gave a great performance of “Chandelier.” All four Voice coaches turned their chairs and were shocked when they saw him. Jordan chose to work with Adam.

The next Voice contestant who didn’t make it was Dr. Paul, a 66-year-old music veteran who looked like he just came off tour with the Oak Ridge Boys. After his audition, Nadjah Nicole chose a place on Blake’s team with her rendition of “Tightrope.” Another 15-year-0ld singer/guitar player, Braiden Sunshine – yes his name is Sunshine, really – almost didn’t turn a chair as he sang “The Mountains Win Again.” Gwen and Pharell hit their buttons almost simultaneously at the last second. Braiden chose to be on Gwen’s team.

The last singer who did not get a chair turn was the grand-nephew of Ricky Nelson and grandson of David Nelson from Ozzie and Harriet. Michael Woolery, whose father is Chuck Woolery, performed “Say.” The coaches told him his nerves got the best of him but to keep singing.

The last was by far one of the best performances of the night. High school teacher Barrett Baber turned all four chairs with his performance of “Angel Eyes.” Barrett ultimately went with “Old Red,” Blake Shelton.


The second round of blind auditions of The Voice airs tonight on NBC. What do you think of the first blind auditions of The Voice season nine? Do you think tonight’s episode will have even bigger talent? Who was your favorite performer? Please feel free to comment below!

[Photo Via In Touch Weekly]