Jessa Duggar Says Duggar Daughters Work, Tells Fans Which Gift Cards She Prefers, And Shares Ben Seewald Career Update

Jessa Duggar recently let fans know that the Duggar daughters aren’t just stay-at-home moms or twenty-somethings living at their parents’ house while they wait for Mr. Right to sweep them off their feet with a side hug and a steamy prayer session. According to the former 19 Kids and Counting star, she and her sisters are working hard for their money now that they’re no longer reality show stars. However, it sounds like Jessa Duggar might still be enjoying the perks of fame, since so many fans are sending her gift cards that she decided to let them know what her favorite stores are.

In a recent post on the Duggar Family Blog, mommy-to-be Jessa Duggar revealed that her husband, Ben Seewald, “has been looking into options for Seminary.” Earlier this summer, Ben graduated from National Park Community College with a two-year political science degree. However, the 20-year-old is currently still working for his father-in-law, Jim Bob Duggar.

“He decided to take a break from his studies for this semester since we have a little one due Nov. 1, but he plans to move forward next year,” Jessa Duggar wrote of Ben Seewald’s plan to become a pastor or missionary. “In the meantime, Ben continues to work for my dad, who, along with my Grandma Duggar, runs a real estate business.”

During an interview with PEOPLE, Jim Bob revealed that Ben’s various jobs include mowing lawns, roofing, and filling out paperwork. However, Jessa Duggar says that she’s currently doing the lawn mowing; she’s just being extra-cautious now that she’s pregnant (once, she reportedly flipped a mower while helping her family flip a house).

“This summer I’ve been able to join the work crew on most lawn care days,” Jessa wrote. “I love getting to share extra time with my man, and I’ve always enjoyed operating one of those zero-turn mowers!”

Jessa may have inherited her love of lawn mowing from her mother. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Michelle Duggar seems to enjoy talking about how she used to mow the lawn in a bikini.

Most members of the Duggar clan lend a hand when Jim Bob refurbishes houses, and Jessa Duggar listed off a few of her siblings’ duties on the Duggar Family Blog. She says, Jana “has a particularly good eye for interior design;” Joy, Jinger, and Joe like to lay tiles; Josiah helps Jessa with the accounting and bookkeeping; and John David operates heavy machinery. Numerous Duggar children have also earned Commercial Drivers Licenses so that they can drive vehicles like dump trucks, and others have become well-versed when it comes to dealing with plumbing and electrical problems.

Even though Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald both have jobs working for Jim Bob, they don’t turn down handouts. Jessa’s blog post began with a note saying that she and Ben prefer gift cards to Target and Walmart, and it included two addresses where fans can send gifts and cards (the note has since been deleted).

Are you surprised to hear Jessa Duggar is mowing lawns when she’s just over a month away from giving birth? Do you think it was tacky of her to tell fans what kind of gift cards she would like them to send?

[Photo courtesy of Jessa Duggar via Instagram]