Governor Scott Walker Drops Out Of Republican Presidential Race

Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, has decided that he would no longer continue his presidential campaign and has opted to drop out of the Republican presidential race, according to The New York Times. Governor Walker becomes the second candidate to exit the Republican presidential race with the former governor of Texas, Rick Perry deciding to end his campaign as well.

Governor Scott Walker had been touted as the most polished of all the Republican candidates by The Guardian‘s Jason Nichols.

“Walker is electable. He is somewhat of a political prodigy, having run for his first major office at the tender age of 22. He is a governor, so he can tout his high-level executive experience, something that the likes of Trump, Carson, Cruz and Rubio lack. Kasich, Pataki and Fiorina lack the name recognition to make a splash. Jeb Bush has to pay for the sins of his brother.”

As stated by The New York Times, Governor Walker’s decision to drop out of the Republican presidential race was due to lack of funding.

“In recent weeks the Walker campaign has seen its fund-raising in a downward spiral, with the candidate undertaking a heavy travel schedule of political events but spending far less time raising money. Two top Walker donors said on Monday that potential backers who had been leaning toward Mr. Walker had started expressing strong misgivings about the direction of his campaign after his middling performance in the last Republican debate.”

In the past, Scott Walker’s political campaigns have been funded, in part, by the billionaire Koch brothers. As maintained by ThinkProgress,”Walker has enjoyed the Kochs’ enthusiastic support for much of his political career.”

“Koch Industries was one of the largest contributors to Walker’s first gubernatorial campaign, giving him $43,000, his largest out-of-state contribution. And Walker’s 2014 reelection campaign was one of the top recipients of Koch Industries cash.”

However, it comes as no surprise that funding for Governor Walker’s campaign stagnated after his recent declines in the polls. According to RealClearPolitics, Scott Walker averaged 1.8 percent among Republicans. Walker failed to make a concrete impact due to the saturated Republican field, especially with Donald Trump dominating the Republican presidential race.

With Governor Scott Walker seemingly out, speculation has now turned to who could be next to drop out of the Republican presidential election. Candidates such as Santorum, Jindal, and Graham have been polling below Walker and Perry.

Governor Scott Walker called a news conference in Madison at 6 p.m. Eastern time.

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]