Dustin Lynch Releases New Single ‘Mind Reader’

Dustin Lynch is on the move and has picked his next big single off his sophomore album Where It’s At. Fans are now wondering if it will be as big of a hit as his last single, “Hell of a Night.”

According to the Boot, Dustin Lynch has picked the song “Mind Reader” to be his next big single off his album Where It’s At, and while his hit “Hell of a Night” was a more upbeat party song, “Mind Reader” is a more mellow, romantic song.

Despite the song’s slower feel, fans seem to love it just as much as they love Dustin. Check out some of the Twitter chatter revolving around his new single.

According to Taste of Country, “Mind Reader” is Dustin’s sixth career single and it’s his first attempt at a “true candle-melter,” and he does one heck of a job with the lyrics.

“Baby you’re a little mind, baby you’re a little mind reader / Yeah that’s what you are / You play it off a little shy but baby you’re a heart stealer / And right here in this car / Its like you knew that smile was gonna melt me down / It’s like you knew those lips are what I’m needing right now / And girl when you lay ’em on mine / Yeah it’s like you’re reading my mind.”

Dustin Lynch spent a good part of the summer reportedly playing as an opening act on Luke Bryan’s 2015 “Kick the Dust Up Tour,” and while fans quite enjoyed his act, most are waiting on this Fall to come because the country singer will be headlining his own “Hell of a Night Tour” starting this November.

Haven’t had a chance to check out Dustin Lynch’s next big single for yourself? Check it out below and make sure to leave your thoughts and opinions for us in the comments.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]