Jenelle Evans’ Extreme Measures To Stay Fit: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Popping Pills To Lose Weight?

Jenelle Evans is turning her life around, as she has graduated school, is working hard on her career, and trying to stay out of trouble. Even though Evans recently got another mugshot for throwing a drink at Nathan Griffith’s new girlfriend, Jenelle claims she has changed completely. And in some regards, she has.

When fans first met Jenelle Evans, she didn’t work out at all. Her activity of choice was dating guys who were bad influences on her. Jenelle has everything from an interesting line of mugshots to nude photos floating around on the internet. But Evans was never the young mother to hit up a gym when she needed to work out. That all changed when she met Nathan.

According to a new Radar Online report, Jenelle Evans has been going to extreme measures to slim down after having her second son, Kaiser. It is no secret that she was quickly in a bikini after giving birth, but she has been working out with her waist trainer and has been going to the gym. And now, Jenelle is being accused of taking a weight loss supplement called Shredz.

“It’s a multivitamin, creatine, fat burning supplement,” a source has revealed, adding, “Creatine gives you energy.”

But apparently, that isn’t all Jenelle Evans is taking. Apparently, she is also taking 1.M.R Vortex, which is advertised as a powder you take before working out for an energy boost. And Evans has tried to share her workout tips via Instagram. But it may not be a good idea for her to share all of the products she is taking, as many younger fans look up to her. Evans could be spreading an unhealthy lifestyle.

“Jenelle works out two to three days a week in the gym and does two muscle groups a day,” the source says, adding, “She has cut out all soda and is drinking strictly water or juice occasionally. Jenelle has always been into health and fitness. Jenelle has been actively involved in sports and cheerleading.”

But Evans does look like she has lost some weight and is staying on track with her health. One has to wonder just how healthy she really is. But Evans can balance several things, as she is currently working on a book about her life.

“It’s an autobiography of basically me before ‘Teen Mom,’ when I lived in Pennsylvania and then when I migrated down to the South,” Jenelle told to OK! Magazine, according to IBTimes, adding, “It has all the details from before filming, behind the scenes, when we took breaks in between, and stuff like that. Basically a tell-it-all book.”

What do you think about Jenelle Evans’ weight loss plan?

[Image via Instagram]