Meek Mill Gets Called Out Again By Drake On New Mix Tape, Future Joins In Taking Shots

Meek Mill’s feud with Drake has not died down, yet. Why? Rapper Drake has released a new mixtape and made sure to include his sarcastic message towards Mill.

Drake and fellow rapper Future has recently collaborated for the album What a Time to be Alive and one song from the said album allegedly dissed Mill.

“I say hats off for a solid effort/but we didn’t flinch for a second/we got our s–t together/ yeah, not here to fight wars” says the song “30 For 30 Freestyle.” Is Drake saying Mill’s effort in their fight was admirable?

In another line, the rapper mentioned ghostwriters: “The pen is working…need some ghost lines / I thought you wanted yours like I want mine.”

The feud started when Meek Mill claimed a ghostwriter was writing songs for Drake. Since then, the two have released songs slamming one another. In a way, their dispute helped them market their respective albums.

The track also suggested that Drake is fed up with their dispute and that he wanted to have a normal life.

One song off the mix tape called “Digital Dash” looked like it was trying to name the alleged ghostwriter. There was a line saying, “I might take Quentin to Follies.” Quentin Miller was the name of Drake’s rumored ghostwriter.

The track “I’m the Plug” was also said to contain lines attacking Mill. Here, Drake hinted he has been waiting for the other party (Meek Mill) to respond to his diss track.

Drake and Future worked together on the track “Where Ya At” which was released back in July. The two have become closer since then.

Mill and Future have also been rumored to be dissing each other after the former told his DJ to stop playing “so many Future tracks.” Soon after the incident, Mill claimed he just wanted the DJ to play other artists’ tracks, too. The brewing tension between the rappers started earlier this month.

The New York hip-hop radio program The Breakfast Club also briefly mentioned Mill-Future disses. If it is true, then, is the Drake-Future collaborative mix tape, a joint effort to slam Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend?

“Big Rings” was said to contain Future’s attacks aimed at Mill. The line “You just a battle rapper / I’m a real trapper,” perhaps pertains to Mill as a battle rapper.

[Image by Mike Coppola, Getty Images]