Grandmother And Daughter Have Lived At Cyprus Airport For Past 13 Months, Have No Plans Of Moving

A German grandmother and her daughter were found to be living in the Larnaca Airport in Cyprus. The pair had been living in the airport for 13 months. The two became stranded at the airport after they were deported from Israel and refused help from the German government.

The Daily Mail reports that the duo was deported from Israel and put on a flight back to Germany. However, when the plane landed in Cyprus, the pair decided to stay in the Mediterranean capital instead of taking their connecting flight back to Germany.

It was reported that the two were willingly staying at the Cyprus car park and refused all help offered by the German government. In fact, the airport staff says they offered to help the two women on numerous occasions but were refused each time.

“The airport has offered to help the Germans on numerous occasions but they have refused any aid and seem somewhat unwilling to change their circumstances.”

When discussing the women’s plight, airport staff say that the duo would frequently come into the airport to use the restrooms and clean up. However, each time help was offered, they refused. The pair landed in Cyprus on August 12, 2014, and have lived in the car park since the landing.

Officials say the two were deported from Israel after their visas expired and were not renewed. They were on a flight back to their home country in Germany, but decided to stay in Cyprus instead. Though the woman are German nationals, Cyprus officials say that under European Union law there are no grounds to deport the women.

“Under European law there is no reason to expel EU citizens from a country if they have not committed a crime.”

It appears there are no laws against the women sleeping in the car parking area of the airport for extended periods of time. Therefore, it seems the women will continue to remain as airport vagabonds until a law is implemented that would force them to move locations.

What do you think about the women living in the airport car park? Do you think EU laws should allow countries to deport other members of the EU even if they haven’t committed a specific crime? Does the amount of time the pair has spent living in the airport justify a deportation?

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[Image Credit: Getty Images/ Spencer Platt]