Samsung Galaxy S III In “Pebble Blue” Likely Delayed Following Production Issues

The Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone in “pebble blue” coloring will likely be delayed according to several sources close to the tech firm.

Delay rumors were escalated on Sunday as online retailers emailed customers to inform them that pre-orders were being delayed because of shipment issues at Samsung.

Sources close to Samsung claim that that delay has been caused by production issues involving the smartphones back case, although specific flaws with its design have not been revealed at this time.

According to reports at XDA Developers Samsung disposed of nearly 600,000 rear casing units for the Samsung Galaxy S III and is retooling the production process to fix the issue as quickly as possible. In the meantime the Samsung Benelux still shows an early June shipping date for the blue Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone.

Samsung is not the only company in recent memory to have issues with smartphone casing production, Apple ran into a similar issue in 2010 when attempting to outfit the iPhone 4, a delay that cost the company nearly 10 months of production time as they attempted to debut a white cased iPhone 4 model. Apple during its own investigation discovered that the iPhone 4 experienced proximity sensor issues with its original white casing design and that the production used for the cases would not allow the white cases to withstand the test of time.

At this time Samsung is not offering any specific information about the casing issue and officials are not estimating a ship date for the Samsung Galaxy S III with its fancy new “pebble blue” color.