North Carolina Man Captures Video Of Bright Orb UFO Over His Home [Video]

A resident of Lenoir in Caldwell County, North Carolina reports sighting and filming a bright orb UFO in the sky over his home.

The witness’ testimony, filed as Case 65773 in the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database, occurred on May 20, 2015 at about 1:30 p.m. The witness was sitting outside his home when he noticed a “bright object hanging in the sky,” according to Open Minds-TV.

During the sighting that lasted about five minutes, the object appeared to move to and fro in the sky around a central point. At first, the witness thought the object was a balloon, but the pattern of its movement in the sky forced him to reconsider his judgment.

The witness, a former Navy meteorologist, also ruled out the possibility that it was an airplane because the “object did not demonstrate the characteristics of an airplane.”

Bright Orb UFO In The Sky Over Lenoir, N.C.

Now puzzled, he hurried indoors to fetch a video camera. After trying to film the UFO, he realized that the memory card of the camera was missing. He returned indoors to retrieve it.

He came out of his home a second time with two members of his family who also saw the UFO in the sky.

By the time the witness was ready to begin filming the UFO had changed position entirely. When he tried to film the object he had difficulty focusing (see video).

“I am a former meteorologist – Navy, this object did not demonstrate the characteristics of an airplane or balloon… and there are no weather stations in this area that I am aware of…”

According to the witness, the object moved erratically in the air, and at times it hung mid-air motionless.

Bright Orb UFO, Lenoir, N.C.

He snapped several pictures of the object.

“I… managed to snap several still photos, in which we discovered another smaller object… While observing, I noticed a plane go by east to west, and this plane was oddly dark in color and flying at a low altitude. I then refocused on the object. I noticed another plane on a higher altitude leaving a contrail.”

It is not certain whether the witness imagined there was a connection between the UFOs and the airplanes flying past. He appeared to have referred to the airplanes and turned to observe them with his camera only as part of effort to make a comparison that rules out the possibility that the UFO was an airplane.

After observing the second airplane for a few seconds, he tried to refocus on the UFO but he found it had disappeared.

The witness concluded it was clear from his recording that the UFO was “something outside of the normal.”

The video above shows the object as filmed by the witness. Do you agree with the witness’ conclusion that the object was “something outside of normal”?

[Images: MUFON, via Open Minds-TV]