‘All Hallows’ Eve 2’ Horror Anthology Lands Oct. 6, No Scary Clown This Time

All Hallows’ Eve 2 just dropped an exclusive trailer onto the horror site Fangoria along with news of its impending release date to VOD (Oct. 6).

If you are a fan of the genre, then you know all about the 2013 anthology film that started it all, introducing viewers to babysitter/kids in peril thanks to a creepy video tape and one of the most horrifying clowns ever put on film.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 6.13.52 PM

Most of the segments were solid and a worthy addition to a criminally underserved sub-genre of horror — fright flicks built around the scariest day of the year.

The film was largely the work of filmmaker Damien Leone, who is conspicuously absent from the IMDb sheet for All Hallows’ Eve 2. Unfortunately, there is no glimpse of his horrific creation either (played in the first film by Mike Giannelli).

This time around, however, viewers will be stalked by what is hopefully an equally scary pumpkin-masked killer, seen below.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 6.17.50 PM

Okay, not bad. Now for the movie itself. Here’s the official synopsis.

“Alone on Halloween, a young woman finds a mysterious VHS tape on her doorstep — a tape that shows a series of gruesome and ghastly tales that appear to be all too real. But these terrifying glimpses of damned souls are not the only horrors that stalk her. A sinister, pumpkin-faced killer is using the videotape as a portal into our reality; and if he makes it through, this twisted trickster seeks only one ‘treat’: blood.”

You can also check out the All Hallows’ Eve 2 trailer here:

Now if that isn’t good enough for you, horror fans, take comfort. This won’t be the only Halloween-themed horror anthology darkening your flatscreens this holiday season.

Tales of Halloween is another that Inquisitr covered in the past.

This particular horror film will feature the talents of horror icon Neil Marshall (The Descent, Dog Soldiers) along with a host of other talent.

The film will be quite busy for an anthology, featuring 10 terror tales that “are woven together by their shared theme of Halloween night in an American suburb, where ghouls, imps, aliens and axe murderers appear for one night only to terrorize unsuspecting residents.”

It will also feature the talents of Pat Healy of The Innkeepers, Alex Essoe of Starry Eyes, Keir Gilchrist of It Follows, Pollyanna McIntosh of The Woman, Kristina Klebe of Halloween, Jose Pablo Cantillo of The Walking Dead, Grace Phipps of Dark Summer, Sam Witwer of Being Human, and Graham Skipper of Almost Human.

Are you looking forward to this and All Hallows’ Eve 2? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via All Hallows’ Eve 2 screen grab]