Chris Brown Vows To Change Life After Rowdy, Drunken Concerts

Chris Brown’s California concert attracted loads of police looking to fend off troublemakers. Chris Brown’s show in Concord, California, was accompanied by 40 police officers and 20 security guards. That’s probably in addition to Chris’s personal security.

There were no incidents last Saturday, aside from a little rough play that never turned into full blown fights, but as TMZ reports, 10 people left the place with alcohol poisoning. Police say they investigated and found that Chris Brown concerts attract rowdy people, and wanted to be ready for any incidents.

At a Chris Brown concert one day before, in Anaheim, California, Kylie Jenner showed up with green hair, only to receive a hair pulling attack by someone who reached between her security guards to tug on those luxurious locks. Kylie snapped back in pain and shock from the incident.

Chris Brown has stated that he will quit drinking for the sake of his young daughter, one that he recently gained joint custody of. But you wouldn’t be able to tell from the drunken mass of fans his concerts attract. But Chris Brown wants to change his entire lifestyle for the sake of his new daughter. The 26-year-old singer wants to be a role model of a father.

A source close to Brown told Hollywood Life the changes Brown hopes to make after winning a custody battle over daughter Royalty.

“Chris is weening [sic] himself off drinking and other stuff he does because he wants to be healthy, have a clear mind, and be a completely conscious and sober parent. He doesn’t want anyone or anything clouding his mind or judgment. He wants to witness every little single thing Royalty does with a clear mind. He wants to fill his mind with sober memories of her doing the smallest things like tying her shoes, being potty trained, you name it. His life and world is now Royalty and everything else that doesn’t serve that he’s cutting out!”

Chris Brown’s new album is named after his daughter. Royalty will be released this fall, and is Brown’s seventh album. Singles include “Zero” and “Liquor.” This is Chris’s second album of 2015, right behind his Tyga collaboration Fan of a Fan: The Album, released in February.

The Saturday show in Concord was Chris’s last show of the One Hell of a Nite Tour. Now, he can get on with fatherhood until his next shows after the new album is released. Hopefully, fans of Chris Brown will take notice of his new peaceful vibe and lifestyle.

[Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images for iHeartMedia]