‘Greatest Man In History’ Files Unusual Lawsuit Against NYPD

A Brooklyn man, who refers to himself as “The King Salem,” has filed a $6 million lawsuit against the NYPD because they dared to arrest a key figure in society, such as himself, on several occasions in bad taste, according to the New York Post.

Making himself sound like one of the greatest people to ever live, the man known more commonly known as Tommy Adams claims to be a divine figure in society, as stated in a 70-page Brooklyn federal court filing obtained by the Post.

“Other than Jesus, I will be the greatest man in the history of existence.”

Not only does Adams use Jesus as a comparison, he also claims that his fields of expertise range from being a star athlete to being a prominent author and scientist.

The report mentions that a majority of the lawsuit stems from Adams’ seven arrests in eight years for public urination. Representing himself in the lawsuit, Adams says that someone of his stature did not deserve to be arrested on numerous occasions for “mere violations of the health code,” as he puts it.

“You don’t arrest super-models on the streets of any city anywhere on earth multiple times without creating an international incident. The New York City police department engaged in a racist smear campaign against me knowing full well by then I was going to go down in history as the greatest saint any Church of any denomination will ever see until Jesus Himself returns to earth, by arresting me seven times for mere violations of the health code in as many years.”

In addition to his exploits in several different professions, Adams’ personal life leaves a lot to be desired, according to the report. It goes on to include six sworn statements from close friends of his that say they have never seen him with a woman. But that does not mean Adams plans on remaining a single man for the remainder of his life.

With Pope Francis set to visit New York City next week, Adams claims he will be marrying a “black virgin teenager” in a ceremony that the Pope himself will conduct. Since he is the greatest man in the history of existence, other than Jesus, it’s only fitting.

To top off his endless parade of redeeming qualities, Adams is also a reasonable man. He is seeking “at a minimum,” at least $6 million from the NYPD in the lawsuit. But he will be satisfied to walk away from this endeavor by settling for $ 1 million.

[Image by Joe Raedle / Getty Images]