‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Marlena Is In Danger, Shocking Returns Hit Salem

Fans are not going to want to miss the coming week of Days of Our Lives. Spoilers indicate that there are big developments on the way regarding the search for Bo Brady, as well as with the serial killer case. There are a couple of arrivals in Salem, but it seems their arrivals are not necessarily joyous ones. What can viewers expect?

According to She Knows Soaps, Monday’s show features Steve heading off to search for Bo. He thinks he has figured out key details regarding his friend’s situation, and he’s anxious to bring him home. However, Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that he’ll soon find he has an extra traveling companion. Though viewers will have to tune in to find out for certain, the buzz is that Joey may sneak along for this wild ride.

Viewers will also see Caroline’s health continue to deteriorate. Celeb Dirty Laundry details that people like Julie and Maggie will grow increasingly concerned about Caroline’s health, while Victor checks into an unconventional treatment option that might help.

As the week continues, viewers will see some heartfelt moments between Steve and Joey, while Rafe will be quite upset when someone from his past pops back into his life. It would seem that this unwelcome visitor is Eduardo, Eve’s ex, played by A Martinez. Rafe is not happy to come across Eduardo and warns him to stay away from both him and Gabi.

Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Marlena will be attacked by the serial killer on Wednesday’s show, and the supposed identity of the killer is revealed on Thursday.

Though the killer’s identity is said to be shown this coming week, fans can surely expect some twists and turns on this front in the weeks and even months ahead. A big twist in this storyline is coming during the show’s 50th anniversary in November, and the storyline as a whole may continue into the winter.

Andre DiMera is back to shake up Salem, and that kicks into full gear on Friday’s show. Days of Our Lives spoilers add that a new officer shows up in Salem on Friday’s episode and she will be connecting with Abe in the episodes to come.

From the sounds of things, Andre’s return is key to the drama set to play out this fall. Days of Our Lives spoilers from TV Insider tease that Andre will actually turn out to be Stefano’s son, not his nephew. This will really shake things up for Chad, and set the stage for some great drama.

Further Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Andre will stir up trouble at a memorial service for the third serial killer victim soon, and it seems that’s how the fact he’s alive will be revealed to all of Salem. Just how is Andre’s return tied to the serial killings and the other departures on the way? Fans can’t wait to find out.

Will Steve manage to bring Bo back home? Who is behind the murder rampage in Salem? Viewers won’t want to miss a minute of the action on Days of Our Lives as the drama plays out during the week of September 21.

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