Less Than A Week Until The Premiere Of ‘Grey’s Anatomy;’ Everything Has Changed

Are you ready for a new season of Grey’s Anatomy? This will be the first season “AM” or After McDreamy, and at least the first part of the season will likely feature many of the characters adjusting to the absence of Dr. Derek Shepherd, who was played by Patrick Dempsey.

According to the Inquisitr, there might be a bit of a storm cloud hanging over the cast of Grey’s Anatomy, especially Ellen Pompeo. First, she told the press she was “excited to replace Patrick Dempsey,” and then she said she was “hurt” that people thought she couldn’t carry the series alone. Fans will also be watching because Ellen Pompeo’s contract is up for renewal this year, and she has yet to sign on the dotted line.


The trailer for episode one, “Sledgehammer,” shows Meredith looking beyond overwhelmed, according to Us Magazine.

“Indeed, Meredith’s life appears to have been turned upside down in the months since her husband’s death. In one brief scene from the 20-second trailer, she runs down a hallway littered with toys to find one of her new roommates smashing a hole in the wall with a sledgehammer.”

The shocking element of the trailer is Maggie Pierce landing an awesome punch squarely into the face of an unknown blonde.


Hollywood Take says that Ellen Pompeo wants fans to know that even though last year was dark, Shonda Rhimes is making a concerted effort to infuse some light into this year.

“Doing a show this long, the challenge is to make every year fresh and new, and to give it a different feel to keep the audience engaged,” Pompeo said before the Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 premiere. “Everyone can agree last year was pretty dark tonally. We were telling volatile stories, and this year we’re going to turn over the soil, and the show has a lighter look. It’s brighter. We’re trying to go back a little bit more to the original Grey‘s and have a little bit of a lighter tone this year.”


Luckily, in the time that has elapsed, healing has begun; but, there are still many pieces to be picked up, including child care and living arrangements. Stay tuned for the first steps on Thursday.

Will you be watching Grey’s Anatomy this Thursday for the premiere of the new season?

[Photo courtesy of ABC Television]