What Is Sexy? Victoria’s Secret Compiles Sexiest List

Victoria’s Secret has released its 2015 #WhatIsSexy list. Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Rihanna, and the cast of How to Get Away with Murder are among those judged to be the sexiest of 2015. In addition, black lingerie is judged to be the sexiest fashion. What is the Victoria Secrets Sexiest list? Quite simply, each year Victoria’s Secret releases a compilation of celebrity women who represent the brand’s vision of the cutting-edge of fashion and sexiness according to categories ranging from “Sexiest Bikini Body” to “Sexiest Lips.”

Below is a gallery of the sixteen sexiest winning categories according to Victoria’s Secret winners list.

The list is not without its controversy, as some believe that the winners only represent one kind of beauty, that of the “pretty leggy type.” Other views of beauty are popping up on Twitter in response.

Victoria’s Secret. Underwear women hate bought by men with cliched ideas of what is sexy. Not humanity’s finest hour.

— The Word Rabbit (@TheWordRabbit) December 3, 2014

On the other hand, the what is sexy list, according to Victoria’s Secrets, is about confidence and the women on the winner’s list are meant to represent just that.

“Sexy is — and always has been — about confidence. This year, we’re celebrating a group of trailblazing women who inspire us and embody that attitude we can’t get enough of. Check it out!”

The list is meant to represent success in Hollywood and the entertainment industry and to this extent the list is representative of the aspirational — however unattainable — which their customers would see as the ideal. Victoria’s Secret is, after all, a seller of lingerie, and as such, their choices will need to adhere to the highest form of success as defined by mainstream pop culture and to this extent, the list gives us a view into the lives, fashion, and bodies of women who indeed typify the perfection of their respective award ideal type.

[Images by Rachel McAdams – Sonia Recchia, Brian Ach, Jason Merritt, Alberto E. Rodriguez, Mike Coppola, Neilson Barnard, Kevin Winter, Mike Coppola, Brian Ach, Frederick M. Brown, Neilson Barnard, Dimitrios Kambouris, Christopher Polk, Lisa Maree Williams, Neilson Barnard, Justin Sullivan /Getty Images]