Kate Gosselin Dumped By Rich Boyfriend? ‘Kate Plus 8’ Star Denies Dating Millionaire As Jon Gosselin Dishes [Video]

Kate Gosselin was dumped by her millionaire boyfriend, blared the headlines. Just one problem, says Kate. The matriarch of the Gosselin family insists that she was never in a relationship, reported MSN.

The tale of romance woes began when an entertainment site reported that Kate had been dumped by millionaire Jeff Prescott, who reportedly now is dating a 26-year-old. That source also claimed that Gosselin’s alleged boyfriend had gotten nervous about a scheduled appearance on Kate Plus 8, and that the resulting Labor Day weekend split had left Gosselin devastated.

Just one issue about that report, tweeted Kate in response. She wasn’t in a relationship with Prescott.

“Sorry guys.You’ve been ‘duped’ by the tabloids again! There was no breakup recently/at all.Gotta b in a relationship in order 2 ‘break up’!” tweeted Gosselin.

Kate had also previously denied rumors that she was engaged. Those reports circulated after Gosselin was seen sporting a gorgeous ring.

“Fyi: I’m not engaged-not even dating any1.Loved the ring so I put it on myself 4 my bday,” tweeted Kate in response.

Gosselin, who also appeared recently on Celebrity Apprentice, previously slammed claims that she had a new man in her life back in 2011. And while Kate works on setting the record straight about her romances (or lack thereof), her ex-husband Jon Gosselin is denying reports that he made fun of Kate’s alleged breakup with the millionaire.

Those claims that Jon had mocked his ex-wife and mother of his eight children resulted from rumors that Gosselin had posted a celebration hands emoji on a private social media account when he learned that the millionaire had dumped Kate, reported Entertainment Tonight.

Gosselin now says that impostors posted that nasty response, pointing to the fact that his teenage daughters are old enough to see social media, and that he would not diss their mom in that way.

“I have teenage kids now who are on social media,” declared Jon. “They read everything, and the last thing I’m going to do is trash their mother.”

And although Gosselin admitted that he does manage both a private and a personal Facebook page, he says he did not comment on Kate’s split on social media at all.

Instead, Gosselin says all those rumors referred to a different social media account.

“[It is] a constant source of frustration, to see impostors post the most ridiculous things,” said the 38-year-old reality TV star.

Since starring together on Jon and Kate Plus 8, the Gosselins have done more than separate legally. They also have traveled different paths.

While Kate is denying current dating rumors, Gosselin is dating Colleen Conrad while working on his new career as a DJ.

And those “plus 8” kids definitely are growing up. Cara and Maddie will soon celebrate their 15th birthday, and although the twins are busy teens, the 11-year-old sextuplets Alexis, Aaden, Colin, Hannah, Joel and Leah aren’t far behind when it comes to staying on top of trends, said Jon.

“They are into One Direction and bands like that,” Gosselin revealed. “I’d be thrown out of the club if I played their music.”

Kate, in contrast, has remained a more public persona. In addition to Kate Plus 8, she’s appeared on The View, Dancing With the Stars, Celebrity Wife Swap and Celebrity Apprentice.

TLC filming for the new season of Kate Plus 8 is currently ongoing, and the claims that the millionaire had dumped the Gosselin matriarch were allegedly linked to his decision not to participate in the reality TV show.

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