Drake And Future Countdown Clock Stops With '6' Seconds Left — #ViewsFromTheFuture

The Drake and Future mixtape's countdown clock seems to have been a dud. Some fans feel that Meek Mill had something to do with the fake release site.

In a previous Inquisitr article, it noted that the highly-anticipated music release was supposed to happen at 11 p.m., eastern-standard time.

However, when the clock reached zero, it reset for another minute-and-a-half. Yet, this time when it counted down, it stopped at 00:00:06.Clever, right? And it also had the current hashtag, #ViewsFromTheFuture. This caused people to think that Drake was making a double-drop — including Views from the 6. Nevertheless, as can be seen, the page rendered only hopes and dreams -- and a very weird scene from Drake and Meek Mill.Afterwards, via his Instagram, Meek Mill posted a photo of Jordan during a Championship win.
Now, Twitter is exploding with Drake and Future buzz. The majority of tweets call Drake and Future trolls for not letting fans know the site was a fake. Yet, there is hope. At tonight's Drake and Future performance, there was verification that the Future and Drake mixtape is real -- even if the release date and countdown clock weren't authentic. According to Complex, Drizzy stated as follows.
"...while it seems unlikely that we're getting the project tonight, Drake reportedly confirmed its existence during a performance in Atlanta this evening."
But Drake did mention a mixtape, so to speak, via his Instagram. Hopefully, the big Sunday release will be Put It All In A Plastic Bag.From what Drake said at the concert, he definitely intends to drop the collaboration with Future before his Views from the 6 release. Unfortunately, the confirmation didn't come before everyone raised their hopes for Friday night. Surely, some people even stayed home awaiting the mixtape. Nevertheless, as mentions Design & Trend, it's no longer a rumor.

What do you think about the fake Drake and Future site? Was it hilarious? Or were you one of the individuals who stayed home to download the mixtape? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo Credits: Twitter]