Single Dad Wants To Make His 3-Year-Old Happy — Transforms Mustang Into Lightning McQueen

A single dad in Memphis, Tennessee, is getting high praise lately when all he wanted to do was make his young son happy. Brett Winek got brand new red Ford Mustang and could have driven all around town trying to impress, but it was his three-year-old son who he wanted to impress most. With that, the dad turned his new Mustang into a life-size Lightning McQueen from Pixar’s Cars.

Toledo News Now reported that the man knows how big of a fan his son is of the movie from Pixar and Disney, so he wanted to do something nice for him. His son is incredibly crazy for the characters of Lightning McQueen and Mater.

Well, three-year-old Holden could have insisted his dad to get an old, broken-down tow truck and turn it into Mater, but the Mustang was a better option. Brett Winek talked with Yahoo Parenting and says he knows just how much fun his son has with the movie Cars.

“Just to give you an example, he watched Cars 2 yesterday — three times. McQueen is his favorite character, and he loves Mater, too. He has both of the characters in toy cars and mimics their sayings all the time while playing. And I’ll be cooking dinner or washing clothes and just hear him giggling [while the characters are] goofing off in the movie.”

After realizing just how much his son loves the movie and characters, Brett set out on a quest. He searched Nashville and the surrounding areas until he found a company that specializes in wrapping and decorating cars.

The owner of Tennessee Tint was more than happy to grant the request of Winek, and it just seemed like a great idea.

For around $1,200 and a couple of days, the logos and lettering were made to transform Winek’s new Mustang into Lightning McQueen. The money and time spent was well worth it as Holden apparently loved it, according to his dad.

“He lit up so much when we picked up the car. He hopped around it and immediately wanted to jump in the driver’s seat.”

Driving around town in Lightning McQueen is something that may get you a lot of stares and comments, and it isn’t all that bad. Brett Winek doesn’t care what anyone says because he knows the person that matters most, his three-year-old son Holden, loves it, and that’s most important in his eyes.

[Image via Facebook – Brett Winek]