UFO ‘Fleet’ Seen On NASA Space Station Video — Researcher Asks, ‘Aliens Or Secret Government Tests?’

What appears to be a UFO “fleet” appears in NASA video taken from the International Space Station robotic camera, as discovered by a prominent YouTube online UFO archivist and researcher. The find, if indeed it is a find, is just the latest in a long series of UFO appearances on the NASA ISS video feed.

Just last week, a YouTube user in Australia found apparent evidence of a UFO “miles in diameter” hovering near the space station. The user, who posted the video under his screen name of “blubeard2011,” said that he had been combing the NASA ISS feed for two years hoping to find some evidence of a UFO observing the space station that orbits about 250 miles above the surface of the Earth.

But when he finally found one, as reported in the Inquisitr article that can be accessed at this link, it was a doozy.

That sighting came about three weeks after another UFO hunter examining the NASA feed found what was described as a cigar-shaped UFO flying past the space station at “warp speed.”

The new sighting was recorded by the prolific online UFO researcher who goes by the name Streetcap1. The video is viewable above. It was publicized by Scott C. Waring, another top online UFO researcher, on his blog UFO Sightings Daily.

“These UFOs visited the space station this week and were found by Streetcap1 of Youtube. Only one of the UFOs was clear enough to get a nice close up of it, but that’s all I needed to tell if it was a reflection or a solid object,” wrote Waring.

“The UFO on the far left is 100% solid. The others are probably the same. I notice that the one on the left fades out, while the one on the far right fades in. Streetcap1 is right, its possible these ships are some covert project, like the old Aurora project, but still unidentified.”

If the UFOs are not clearly visible on the video, Waring isolated a screen capture of two of the UFOs hovering around the space station.

And then Waring zoomed in on one of the objects.

The Aurora project mentioned by Waring was alleged to be a secret testing program for a new, supersonic stealth surveillance aircraft. In December of last year, as the Inquisitr reported at the time, a series of ear-shattering and unexplained sonic booms over Britain were linked to the Aurora project.

Whether the UFO “fleet” captured in the NASA video is part of a similar program, albeit one based in space, remains to be seen. Of course, as some scientists have claimed about the repeated UFO sightings near the space station, the sightings could simply be the result of glitches in the video system.

[Image: NASA]