Tumblr Launches Fashion Line, Allows You To Wear The Internet, Miranda Cosgrove and Crocs Mysteriously Lacking

Tumblr has strayed from sharing whimsy GIFS and thought provoking posts, in an attempt to launch a new clothing line.

Tumblr’s new clothing line allows social media fanatics to wear the internet and become their favorite Tumblr post in real life. The clothing line is limited at the moment, but their partnership with Print All Over Me is expected to be a huge hit with the Tumblr fan base.

The clothing line features designs by Andrew B. Myers, John McLaughlin, Brian Vu, John Karel, Luca Mainini, Lauren Pelc-McAuthur, Monica Ramos, and many more, according to Tech Times. The line of clothing arrives in time for Tumblr’s 10th anniversary and became a focal point for the New York Fashion Week.

Valentine Uhovski was excited to share the fashion line, anxious to get the Tumblr fan base feedback.

“We wanted every look to feel like a Tumblr post. When you enter the pop-up shop, you’ll feel like you’re inside of a Tumblr dashboard.”

The clothing line made its debut on Print All Over Me on September 14, allowing Tumblr members to get their hands on the gear prior to Fashion Week, according to Gizmodo. Some of the designs include a printed shirt featuring multi-colored furbies, kimonos featuring outer space, and tasteful sweaters featuring skulls.

Each design was inspired by an actual Tumblr user, allowing the Tumblr community to come alive in the world of fashion and provide the opportunity for their followers to wear a piece of Tumblr history. The pieces of clothing range in price from a mere $30 to $250.

Andrew B. Myers was shared his shock that his design was chosen by Tumblr to become a piece of clothing.

“So Tumblr used an image I made and designed several clothing articles for New York Fashion Week.”

The clothing is available for both males and females and range from standard shirts and pants to backpacks and raincoats.

The release of the clothing line comes after Tumblr launched Tumblr TV, allowing individuals to stream GIFS in full screen mode. As Tumblr reaches out into unknown territories, it is unknown what can be expected next, but as they always do, Tumblr is sure to keep their fans up to date with something new and innovative among the world of social media outlets.

Despite the whimsical nature of the Tumblr clothing line, the popularity of Miranda Cosgrove wearing Crocs is lacking in the design selection.

[Photo by Naom Galau/Getty Images Entertainment]