Texas Man Tries To Steal Jet At Waco Airport, Learjet Hijacker Used A Stick [Video]

After a Texas man tries to steal a jet at Waco Regional Airport, police said an off-duty officer was forced to use a taser multiple times in order to subdue the man. It is said the man may be mentally ill, and he crashed through a security gate before attempting to use a stick to hijack a Learjet.

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Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said the unidentified man tried to steal the jet by driving through a gate in order to reach the Waco airport’s tarmac. The man then went after a Learjet owned by a local business and attempted to remove the tire chocks holding the jet in place.

As the man tries to steal the jet, employees of nearby Texas Aero noticed the odd behavior and flagged down an off-duty Waco police officer who was working as airport security. According to a statement released by the Waco Police Department, the officer tried to get the man to stand down, but he was forced to use non-lethal weapons.

“Our officer approached the suspect who was armed with a stick and refused to cooperate with the officers instructions. The suspect was tazed several times with no affect, forcing our officer to have to physically restrain him. Texas Aero employees saw the officer struggling with the individual and came to assist. Those employees helped the officer subdue the individual, and all were able to handcuff him.”

The Waco Police Department says the suspect is known from his previous record and has a history of mental illness. It is also believed that the unidentified man may have been under the influence of some sort of drug.

Due to his alleged conduct, the man’s actions may have been influenced by narcotics, and he has been taken to Providence Hospital for a mental health evaluation. Once the hospital clears the suspect, he may face multiple charges.

Since the man tried to steal a jet, the suspect will face charges of Criminal Trespass, Attempted Theft, Criminal Mischief and Resisting Arrest. Swanson also says the FBI and the TSA may file additional charges after an investigation is complete. No motive for the attempted hijacking is known at this time.

According to BHO News, the Waco Police Department has not released the identity of the man involved in the Learjet hijacking attempt. Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton says the name will be released after the man is booked into jail.

[Image via Facebook/Waco Police Department]