Watch The World’s Scariest ‘Killer Clowns’ Terrorize Las Vegas [Video]

Apparently, it was all in good fun, but the victims caught up in the pranks probably didn’t find it funny as “killer clowns” terrorized the public in Las Vegas. Anyone suffering from “coulrophobia,” or the fear of clowns, would not appreciate what these guys got up to.

The video below was put together by an Italian company, DM Pranks Productions, owned by Matteo Moroni. Obviously, they get involved in various pranks for a living, but probably their scariest ever are the killer clown pranks they played in Las Vegas recently.

Bear in mind that the odd four-letter word crops up in the video for obvious reasons.

Various scenarios were put together to scare the general public out of their wits. In the just-over-five-minute video, we first see various terrifying clown faces, along with some unexplained explosions. Then we see paramedics rushing a gurney down a passage in a hospital in Italy. Then a view of the planet appears, and we are zoomed over to Las Vegas, gambling and entertainment capital of Nevada.

There is immediately a warning that three killer clowns have escaped from Fright Dome, showing images of their terrifying faces, then the camera heads into a local convenience store.

A body lies on the floor in a pool of blood, while a couple of the killer clowns lurk in the background, waiting for their first victim. The CCTV security cameras pick up first a young woman and then later a man, entering the store and trying to pay for their gas at the till, but the clerk is nowhere to be seen.

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Once they find said clerk, apparently lying dead in a pool of blood, they scream and then the clowns appear, scaring them quite literally out of their wits as they run screaming out of the store. One nice touch is when the guy gets outside to his car and immediately tries to look calm and composed as if nothing has happened.

We then head, rather appropriately, into the Circus Circus Hotel, where a killer clown, wearing coveralls labeled “State Mental Hospital,” stands ready to attack a man walking down the passageway. The poor guy runs for his life, yelling, “No! No!”

Next stop is an alleyway. Two men are casually strolling along when a cop car pulls up in front of them, sirens blaring and lights flashing. The “cop” tells the men to stop right there and get down on their knees with their hands above their heads. The doors of the police car open and two terrifying killer clowns get out, chasing the terrified men down the alley.

Next is a delightful prank at a local hospital, where two “ambulance workers” (i.e. killer clowns) are trying to resuscitate their “patient” and two gruesome bodies lie on the tarmac. Two people walk up and a hilarious pursuit ensues between the killer clowns and their terrified prank victims.

Their pranks and costumes were so convincing that every victim they came across was terrified by them, which may cause some controversy. The video, uploaded on September 17, is popular, however, and has already attracted over half a million views at the time of writing.

Some of the comments include the following.

“This series is getting more and more amazing. You guys really may have created the best prank on youtube”

“You guys should make a video about what happened when you reveal that it is just a prank I want to see people’s reactions.”

Another commenter asked, “Did they pay the gas for the people that ran away, tho? XD”

For anyone interested in seeing more of the killer clowns, according to the description on the YouTube video, they will be at Fright Dome soon. There are also several more videos available on their YouTube channel.

DM Prank Productions apparently met up with Jason Egan, owner of Fright Dome, which is one of the top horror attractions in the U.S. in April. It apparently took around four months to put the video together, and they feel it was definitely worth it.

What do you think, readers? Are their pranks a little over the top and maybe a tad dangerous?

[Image: DM Pranks Facebook page]