‘Destiny’: Xur’s Exotic Goods For Sept. 18, ‘The Taken King’ Goods Arrive

Bungie promised changes to Xûr with his first visit following the release of Destiny: The Taken King. The mysterious vendor appeared in the Tower on Friday with a new selection of goods that are truly new and those changes are indeed somewhat significant.

This weekend, Xûr can be found across from the Speaker in the Tower North. Simply head to the left when you first spawn in the Tower, and you’ll find him standing in front of a large, round door across from the speaker’s entrance. Here’s where you can find him on the Tower map.

Destiny Xur North Tower (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

Xûr and his items will only be available in Destiny through the morning of Sunday, September 13. As soon as the clock strikes 5 a.m. ET / 2 a.m. PT, he will be gone.

Destiny players will notice some changes to Xur’s inventory this week starting with the complete absence of a weapon for sale. One Exotic armor per class is still available, however. In the place of the Exotic weapon for sale is a Legacy Engram that rewards a Year One item. The cost is steep, though, at 31 Strange Coins.

Xûr is also selling the Three of Coins. These increase the chance of receiving an Exotic item after defeating a boss in any of Destiny‘s PVE activities that have them. If you don’t get an Exotic item on a boss drop, it will still be active for the next boss kill.

Here is what is available for sale and upgrade from Xûr this weekend. Thanks again to DestinyDB for the Exotic information below.

Exotic Gear on Sale

Name Type Max Stat Cost
An Insurmountable Skullfort Titan Helmet 78 Strength or
63 Strength / 14 Discipline
13 Strange Coins
Young Ahamkara’s Spine Hunter Gauntlets 32/45 Strength /
27/40 Discipline
13 Strange Coins
The Impossible Machines Warlock Gauntlets 63 Strength or
50 Strength / 13 Discipline
13 Strange Coins
Legacy Engram (Year One) Exotic Heavy Weapon 31 Strange Coins
Exotic Engram Exotic Helmet 19 Motes of Light


Plasma Drive Legendary Vehicle Upgrade 23 Strange Coins
Emerald Coil Legendary Vehicle Upgrade 23 Strange Coins
Heavy Ammo Synthesis Ammo Synthesis 3-pack 1 Strange Coin
Three of Coins Exotic Chance Boost 5-pack 7 Strange Coins

For those wondering what to get, here are a few helpful hints.

An Insurmountable Skullfort

Destiny Year Two - An Insurmountable Skullfort (PlayStation, Xbox)

Destiny players with Sunbreaker Titans may have just found their new best friend for PVE. The Year Two version of An Insurmountable Skullfort has a new innate perk that grants an extra melee attack in addition to free melee energy on spawn. This synergizes excellently with the new “Melting Point” ability for Sunbreakers that provides a significant debuff to enemies and works well with Defender Titans’ Overshield perk.

Other perks on the helmet include the choice between “Hands-On” or “Heavy Lifting” to give extra Super Energy from melee or Heavy Weapon Kills. It also comes with the “Invigoration” perk that grants bonus melee energy when picking up Orbs of Light.

The Insurmountable Skullfort is a solid pickup for the first week of Destiny: The Taken King.

Young Ahamkara’s Spine

Destiny Year Two - Young Ahamkara's Spine (PlayStation, Xbox)

Gunslingers get the first Hunter Exotic from Xur’s inventory this week. The Year Two version of Young Ahamkara’s Spine grants an additional Tripmine Grenade as its innate perk in addition to extending grenade duration by 30 seconds.

Destiny players will also have the “Fastball” perk for increased grenade throw distance plus a choice between faster reloads for Hand Cannons or Sniper Rifles.

An extra Tripmine Grenade in PVP is invaluable, which makes this a must pick up for Destiny Hunters who don’t have the Year Two version of this Exotic piece.

The Impossible Machines

Destiny Year Two - The Impossible Machines (PlayStation, Xbox)

These Stormcaller-specific Gauntlets are the first, all-new Exotic items from The Taken King in Xur’s inventory. The innate perk is called “Lightning Rod” and gives the subclass the “Landfall” ability perk without taking up a spot on the skill tree.

The other available perks include “Impact Induction” for bonus grenade energy on melee hits, plus the choice of faster reload speed on Fusion Rifles or Pulse Rifles.

Since these gauntlets are the first true The Destiny King Exotic piece on sale, these are a must to get this weekend. The bonus here is the perks are outstanding for those playing with the new Stormcaller class.

[Images via Destiny]