Ann Coulter: #IStandWithAnn Trends On Twitter — Anti-Semites Rally To Defend Trump-Backing Pundit

Ann Coulter, the 53-year-old ultra-conservative commentator and author who has become perhaps the most prominent Donald Trump supporter in the media, set off a backlash Wednesday when she posted a comment on Twitter appearing to attack “f*****g Jews” who support Israel — and to whom she said Republican presidential candidates were “pandering” in their comments during Wednesday’s debate.

But even as Coulter was widely condemned for what critics called her naked anti-Semitism expressed in the Twitter post — and Coulter’s later protestation in a follow-up post stating, “I like the Jews” — her remark also set off an outpouring of support on the social media micro-blogging platform, with the hashtag #IStandWithAnn reportedly accumulating more than 7,000 tweets.

The hashtag brought out an alarming flood of anti-Semitic remarks from users who said they supported Coulter’s stance.

“The tweets were a hodgepodge of typical anti-Semitism, which questioned whether Jews could even be loyal to the United States,” wrote Karol Markowicz in the Jewish magazine Forward. “Her comments opened the door for Holocaust-deniers, Israel-haters and plain old Jew-haters to point to Ann’s comments as a mainstream affirmation of their beliefs.”

The#IStandWithAnn hashtag even included a cartoon featuring the age-old, offensive stereotype of a Jewish person with a large, hooked nose.

But one Jerusalem Post political correspondent saw at least a certain type of value in the outpouring of #IStandWithAnn tweets. The tweets, she noted, appeared to expose the hatred of Jews that often lies behind attacks on U.S. support for Israel.

The support for the Ann Coulter attack on “f*****g Jews” was not confined to Twitter, either. Former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke — who ran for president himself in 1988 — devoted a segment of his radio show to support for Coulter’s remark, stating that he would “applaud her” for her stance.

Even Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, supported Coulter in her attack on Republican “pandering” to what she described as “f*****g Jews.”

Ann Coulter continued on Thursday that despite the #IStandWithAnn hashtag on Twitter, her post was not anti-Semitic. “My tweet was about Republicans and the pandering,” she told The Daily Beast. “It wasn’t about Israel, it wasn’t about Jews.”

[Image: Ann Coulter Twitter Feed]

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