Bar Hit With Fine For Serving Liquid Nitrogen Shot That Caused A Woman To Have Her Stomach Removed

A bar in Lancaster, England, has been fined for serving a girl a liquid nitrogen shot. As Inquisitr previously reported, Gaby Scanlon, now 20, was out celebrating her 18th birthday on October 4, 2012, when she was offered a free drink. However, after she drank the liquid nitrogen shot, smoke started to come out of her nose and mouth, and she became very ill. As a result of drinking the liquid nitrogen shot, she was left retching and vomiting.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the liquid nitrogen in the drink ended up piercing her stomach. The nitrogen also killed internal tissue. The reason why the nitrogen was used in the first place was because it created a smoking effect.

After drinking the liquid nitrogen shot, Scanlon was brought to the hospital, where doctors decided to remove her stomach. The operation saved Scanlon’s life.

On Wednesday, the bar that served Scanlon the liquid nitrogen shot was fined £100,000 ($155,000). According to Daily Mail, Scanlon said that the liquid nitrogen shot had a devastating impact on her health. She also said that if she knew what the drink would do to her, then she would have never even touched the drink. She added that the liquid nitrogen drinks shouldn’t be served at all, and that everyone should avoid them.

The court was told how the bar, Oscar’s Wine Bar, which is owned by Andrew Dunn, was warned about the risks of using the gas and it was advised that the drink should be consumed until 10 seconds after it was poured.

The prosecutor, Barry Berlin, said the bar knew that the drink was dangerous and they didn’t police it in a proper way. Berlin told the court how Scanlon ordered a shot of Nitro Jagermeister and things just went downhill for her after she consumed it.

Berlin said that to this day, Scanlon still suffers from stomach pains. He said that there are a number of failings on the bar’s part, and the incident could have been prevented.

The day after the incident happened, police found a document that showed the dangers and hazards associated with liquid gases.

Doctor John Ashton, a public health expert, said that nitrogen is a very cold substance and it was kind of like subjecting the stomach to frostbite.

The bar did issue an apology to Scanlon and her family. In mitigation. Kevin McLoughlin, for the bar, said that the company and the Dunn family have learned their lesson, and they have learned it every single day since the incident happened.

[Image by David Silverman/Getty Images]