Rachel Platten’s ‘Fight Song’ Brings Strength And Inspiration To Sick Children [Video]

Rachel Platten, whose hit “Fight Song” just rose to the number one spot on the Adult Contemporary chart, wrote the lyrics during a particularly tough time in her life. Little did Rachel Platten know it would be adopted as a theme song by many people, both young and old, who were also fighting battles in their lives.

In an interview with Newsday, Rachel Platten was asked what message “Fight Song” tells. This is Rachel’s response.

“It tells a message of believing in yourself no matter what. To remember that you can do anything and not to listen to the mean voices in your head that tell you that you’re not good enough… None of that is true. The only thing that matters is what we believe and that’s what the song talks about.

“My biggest fear is that I’m not good enough. I have this voice in my head that I’ve been battling for years that says, ‘You’re not really talented enough. You don’t really deserve this.'”

The message of hope is so strong within these lyrics, Rachel Platten uses the song to encourage other people, even going so far as to meet and sing with young cancer patients who are in the midst of battling for their very lives.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the family of a 7-year-old cancer patient, Jeremiah Succar, reached out to Rachel Platten via Twitter at #RachelMeetJeremiah. “Fight Song” has been Jeremiah’s mantra since being diagnosed with stage-four atypical rhabdoid teratoid. The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute defines this illness as a “very rare and fast-growing tumor of the central nervous system”.

When Rachel Platten learned that Jeremiah is a fan, she went to visit him at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Watch the video of Rachel Platten and Jeremiah singing together, but be warned, the strength that this child exhibits will amaze you. He is definitely a fighter.