Man Wins Chinese Lottery And Divorces His Wife Right Away

A Chinese man got lucky and won a lot of money in China’s national lottery. He ended up winning the lottery for 4.6 million Yuan ($722,000) back in February. After winning the lottery, the man, named Liu Xiang, decided to initiate the divorce with Yuan Li, his wife. Xiang did this without telling her that he hit on a lottery ticket, and he went and picked up his cash just a day later.

However, his ex-wife found out that her former husband won the lottery, and she wasn’t going to sit around and do nothing about it. She ended up suing him for half of his winnings, according to Telegraph. Xiang was ordered by the court to pay her a quarter of his lottery winnings.

According to the Mirror, June 2013 was when the couple’s relationship started to deteriorate. That was also when Xiang started to date a former partner of his. The couple eventually separated in July 2014, but instead of getting a divorce, they decided to remain married.

However, after Xiang won the lottery, he decided to not tell his wife. Instead of telling her about the win, he told his wife that he wanted a divorce, and she agreed to it because he told her that he would cover their debts. He offered her 250,000 Yuan ($39,000), which was to be used to pay their debts off. Yuan said that she really had no choice but to agree to the divorce.

Soon after agreeing to Xiang’s divorce proposal, Yuan found out that she was tricked by her now ex-husband. She found this out after her friends congratulated her on winning the lottery.

When the time came to go to court, Yuan said that Xiang bought the lottery ticket while they were still married. She said that this entitled him to half of his lottery winnings.

Xiang said that it was just a coincidence that he claimed his lottery winnings the day after his divorce.

Xiang isn’t the first one who has attempted to get away with lottery winnings. According to AOL, Eddie Tipton, who was a security director for the Multi-State Lottery Association (Iowa-based), attempted to rig the results of the state lottery.

Tipton purchased a lotto ticket, but to ensure that he would win, he decided to mess around with the computers. He was hoping that certain numbers would be selected in the draw. However, Tipton was caught and he was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

[Image by China Photos/Getty Images]