‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ Beta Will Contain Offline Mode In Addition To Multiplayer Modes

For fans looking to get into the multiplayer Star Wars: Battlefront beta but were hoping for more than just multiplayer modes, EA announced today that the upcoming open beta will include something for all players, online and offline alike.

In a post on EA’s website, the publisher announced that the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront beta headed to current-gen consoles and PC will allow gamers to play on the internet or by themselves via an offline mode. In the Battlefront beta, players will be able to take part in the Walker Assault map on Hoth, as well as the Drop Zone on Sullst.

However, Star Wars: Battlefront will also be bringing its Survival Mission mode, this one set on Tatooine, to the beta. Battlefront fans can play this mode solo, online, or split-screen co-op (unless you’re playing on PC).

The beta is open to everyone who wishes to join up, so when it goes live, players can access it via the Xbox Live Store, PlayStation Store, or Origin on PC.

It’s interesting that DICE and EA are making the Battlefront beta available offline, as most beta tests are simply to stress the servers and make sure they will be able to handle the strain of everyone trying to access the game at once come launch day. However, giving fans the choice to take their talents to the world or on their couch with a few friends is a great gesture, as many prospective players will use this beta as a demo of sorts. In this way, every fan, regardless of their playstyle, will be able to try Star Wars: Battlefront before it releases and decide whether it’s worth buying for themselves.

Battlefront’s devs also used this morning’s post to answer some frequently asked questions regarding the upcoming Star Wars title. The Fighter Squadron mode announced last month will contain AI opponents, up to 10 on each side. If you were hoping to trick-out your X-Wing or TIE-Fighter in Battlefront, DICE has bad news for you: vehicles will only come with their pre-determined weapon loadouts. This makes each vehicle authentic to the Star Wars universe. Also, each player will be equipped with a blaster and a “Star Card Hand” as their default load-out (such as jetpacks, shields, etc). How you customize your Star Card Hand is up to you.

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[Image via EA]