Karen Kaye Montebon Murder: Slaying Of 17-Year-Old Shocks Philippines, Police Searching For Clues

Karen Kaye Montebon was enrolled at University of San Carlos and dreamed of becoming an accountant, but those hopes were dashed in a fit of violence this week as the 17-year-old was found raped and murdered in her room.

The killing has shocked the Philippines, with an uprising on social media to find justice for Montebon.

The 17-year-old was found dead inside her Lapu-Lapu City room this week by her father, with bruises on her body and the cord of a hair straightener tied tightly around her neck, the Inquirer reported.

An autopsy from the Philippine National Police Crime Laboratory confirmed that Karen was strangled to death, though with bare hands and not with the cord. The circumstances of her death largely remain a mystery, however.

Police said her parents, James and Emelinda, were away from home when the murder took place. Her older sister, Diane, was working at her internship at a hospital.

Authorities were searching for any clues into the murder of Karen Kaye Montebon, but so far have little to go on. They found a pair of slippers outside the house, and the teen’s camera and computer tablet may have been stolen.

But they do not believe robbery was the motive for the attack.

“We can’t say it’s robbery because there were more expensive things in the house,” said Senior Superintendent Armando Radoc, chief of the Lapu-Lapu City Police Office (via the Sun Star).

There had been problems at the teen’s subdivision in the past, the Inquirer noted:

“A day after the crime, the Corinthians Homeowners Association replaced the security guards of the subdivision. A month ago, it had already noted security lapses committed by the guards and notified Bisda Security Agency about the termination of its contract effective Sept. 15, said its treasurer, Luzmary Macasaquit.”

“Macasaquit confirmed that robbers had already struck in several houses.”

Police are currently looking into a lead about a man and woman who were seen knocking on the victim’s door at around 7 a.m. The two reportedly rode in on a black motorcycle and were wearing full-faced helmets, witnesses told police. The woman was petite with long hair while the man was middle-aged.

But witnesses could not provide more information, including the license plate of the motorcycle.

While investigators search for clues into the murder, friends are doing their part as well. One person started the Facebook page Justice for Karen Kaye Montebon, urging anyone with information about her murder to come forward.

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