Cheesus: The Cheeto Jesus

A man and woman from New York say they’ve found Jesus — inside a bag of Cheetos. The so-called “Cheesus” popped out of a snack bag the two bought while driving cross-country recently, and it’s quickly becoming quite the online phenomenon.

Meet Cheesus

Image courtesy Preston Hollow People

Cheesus just “appeared,” the two say, and they’re not sure what to do about it. For now, the Cheeto Jesus is being kept carefully wrapped inside a wristwatch box.

“What I’ve been worried about is if I have it around my house, it’ll get eaten,” the woman, a retired teacher, tells a local newspaper.

The two tell local media outlets their friends have urged them to put the Cheeto Jesus up for sale on eBay, or to try to get it on the Ellen talk show. For now, though, they’ve made no decisions.

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