‘World Of Warcraft’ Draenor Dungeon Bonus Now Active, Grinning Reaver Shop Mount Half Off

Heroes of the Horde and the Alliance have a new weekly bonus to enjoy this week in World of Warcraft. Last week, players were tasked with earning bonus honor in player versus player battlegrounds. This week, though, players will have to delve into Draenor’s dungeons for bonus reputation and an Iron Fleet Treasure Chest during the Draenor Dungeons Bonus Event. The event starts today and ends on September 21 according to Battle.net.

Playing in and defeating foes in Draenor dungeons during the event awards players with reputation to certain Draenor factions. This reputation will be awarded for trash mobs kills and bosses slain in Heroic or Mythic difficulty. Of the eight dungeons applicable to the event, each provides reputation with one of four classic Draenor factions. For example, Skyreach provides Arakkoa Outcasts reputation while the Bloodmaul Slag Mines and Upper Blackrock Spire provide Steamwheedle Preservation Society faction. Tanaan factions are not included in the event.

World of Warcraft players willing to participate in the bonus dungeon event can also pick up the weekly quest “Emissary of War” in their garrisons. This quest requires players to complete four Mythic dungeons to receive an Iron Fleet Treasure Chest which contains a random piece of Heroic Hellfire Citadel gear.

World of Warcraft

This week, players looking to add to their stable of mounts are in luck, too. The Grinning Reaver mount only available from the World of Warcraft store is now half off its normal price. Usually $25, the mount is now just $12.50. Players can pick it up via Battle.net or it can be purchased within the game through the in-game store. The Battle.net page notes that players cannot fly in Draenor; however, this is outdated information. Players with the meta achievement “Draenor Pathfinder” can fly on all their 90 level or higher characters with access to Draenor.

With the current World of Warcraft expansion over, players are waiting for Legion to release for more content, a level cap increase, new gear, and much more. During Dragon Con earlier this month, a few more details about the upcoming expansion were revealed including notes on how the transmogrification system could be revamped. Players might see an account-wide transmogrification system where items are learned to a spellbook of sorts instead of having to keep each item around in a physical inventory. Most class specializations will see some sort of reform as well when Legion launches according to the Inquisitr.

Have you been enjoying the weekly bonus events in World of Warcraft?

[Images via Blizzard Entertainment]