Mark Zuckerberg Invites Teen Clockmaker Ahmed Mohamed To Visit Facebook Headquarters

Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old engineering prodigy that was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school, has made national headlines today, and caught the attention of some very influential people. President Obama sent out a tweet inviting the high school student to visit the White House, Hillary Clinton pledged her support, and fellow young wunderkind Mark Zuckerberg posted his support for Ahmed on his personal Facebook page.

In addition to showing his support for the Texas high school student, Mark Zuckerberg even invited Mohamed to visit him at Facebook headquarters.

“You’ve probably seen the story about Ahmed, the 14 year old student in Texas who built a clock and was arrested when he took it to school.

“Having the skill and ambition to build something cool should lead to applause, not arrest. The future belongs to people like Ahmed.

“Ahmed, if you ever want to come by Facebook, I’d love to meet you. Keep building.”

The story behind Mark Zuckerberg’s touching words of encouragement to the young high school student, who, before today, was completely unknown, is one that everyone has already heard today. Ahmed Mohamed made a home made clock which he brought to school with him to show his engineering teacher. When the alarm went off in a class other than engineering, that teacher asked to see it and presumed that it was a bomb. Mohamed was later brought into another classroom where he met with the school principal as well as police officers. When the story went viral, Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t the only one to take notice of the young boy.

Mark Zuckerberg took his cue from President Obama who, earlier today, sent out a tweet inviting Mohamed to visit the White House.


Not to be outdone by Mark Zuckerberg and the president, Hillary Clinton also tweeted out her support for the young clockmaker.

“Assumptions and fear don’t keep us safe—they hold us back. Ahmed, stay curious and keep building.”

After the invitations put forth by Mark Zuckerberg and President Obama, the hashtag #IStandWithAhmed was created by Google Science Fair who, like Mark Zuckerberg and Obama, extended an invitation to the young inventor.

“Hey Ahmed- we’re saving a seat for you at this weekend’s Google Science Fair…want to come? Bring your clock! #IStandwithAhmed

Let’s hope that everyone from President Obama to Mark Zuckerberg keep their word and continue to encourage young minds such as Mohamed’s.

[Image Credit: David Ramos/Getty Images]