Watch ‘Big Brother 17’ Live Online: Vanessa’s Final 4 Decision And Beginning Of The Final 3 Competition

Fans can watch Big Brother 17 live online and see just who Vanessa decides to send home and who gets a leg up in the final Head of Household competition of the season.

There has been plenty of drama going into the final week of Big Brother 17. On Tuesday’s eviction show, Steve secured himself a spot in the Final 3 with his Head of Household win, but Vanessa won the Power of Veto thanks to Steve’s decision to throw the competition.

It was a decision Steve said he would regret.

“Ok I made such a big… I made a $500,000 mistake today. And mom I’m sorry I let you down. I didn’t… these past few days have been so fatiguing… I’ve been sick and made a really bad decision today. I made a really bad decision today. I should’ve won it, I should’ve used it on Johnny. Johnny would’ve sent Vanessa home and then me, John, Liz final 3. And I could’ve won next to Johnny because I would’ve had the scamper squad.”

Fans who watch the Big Brother 17 episode live online will see what is likely a devastating turn of events for Steve and John. Vanessa has all the power going into Wednesday’s episode, where she is more than likely going to break up Steve and John by evicting John from the Big Brother house.

HollywoodTake noted, “Tonight during the live eviction show I fully expect Vanessa to cast her one vote against John McGuire and send him to the Jury. Again. From there Liz, Steve, and Vanessa will set out in to the backyard for the first round of the final HoH competition which should be a huge endurance battle.”

Fans who watch Big Brother 17 live online will see if Vanessa can continue to slide her way through the competition. She has aligned herself well with allies who fell on the sword, sometimes with big help from Vanessa. After working with Austin throughout the competition, she ultimately helped bring about his eviction.

“My biggest mistake in the game was trusting Vanessa,” Austin told Entertainment Weekly. “It ended up costing me the game! However, ultimately, what sent me home was not being able to win the HoH or veto in the final five scenario. I volunteered to go on the block this week to protect Liz, and I would do that again 1000 times over and have no problem walking out the door because of it. The only thing I have a problem with is the way in which Vanessa went about betraying me.”

Those who want to watch Big Brother 17 live online can click here for a live stream of the episode, which is available in select markets. Those unable to watch live will be able to catch up with action the next day, when CBS puts the episode online.

[Image via CBS/Big Brother 17 live stream]