‘Arrow’ Season 4: Katie Cassidy Discusses The Past, Future, And Being Black Canary

Arrow Season 4 has long been reported to kick off the season with a focus on team Arrow, and just what they have been up to between seasons. Black Canary, the CW Arrow successor Canary, came into her own after the death of her sister, Sara. Arrow Season 3 delivered to us the official Black Canary cry device. Though Katie Cassidy’s take on the character still takes it on the chin in a fight, she has fully become her character. In an interview with Comicbook, Cassidy got to tell just what it has been like playing the Black Canary, and what Arrow Season 4 will bring for her character.

As Katie Cassidy was not fully revealed as the Black Canary initially, delving into the character was not originally in the cards. Now that she can, Katie Cassidy is very excited.

“It’s great and amazing. I’m like ‘Finally! I can say it!’ It’s completely fulfilling. This character, this job, this world, this series has been a dream come true and I really wanted to do action and living in this genre, so I couldn’t be happier.”

Katie Cassidy was also asked just what Black Canary will be up to in Arrow Season 4, and what Arrow fans should expect from the character, who has finally come into her own.

“You’ll definitely see Laurel a lot more polished, and good at being a quote-unquote superhero. Obviously last season, she was a fighter, she’s always been a fighter, but it was a lot more heart. This season, I think it’s not just heart; she actually has been training and working on that aspect of herself, the going out at night. It’s also been a big role to take on, along with Felicity and Diggle, to take Oliver’s position, I think. Whether or not they’re capable of doing that, you’ll have to watch Season Four, but I definitely think Laurel will play a big part on influencing the creation of Legends.”

Unfortunately, Cassidy did not expand on her mention of Black Canary’s role in Legends of Tomorrow, as she responded “I hope so. That would be awesome,” to an inquiry about her character crossing over with the new show. Cassidy also was asked about Laurel and Sara’s, the original Canary, awareness of each other.

“No! I can’t tell you that! But I think that if Sara got to see Laurel right now, I think that she would be proud of her for all the hard work she’s put in. I also think that she would be worried probably, because she loves her sister and doesn’t want her sister to get hurt, but I think she would definitely be proud. I know I am!”

Arrow Season 4, as per various sources, has reported that John Constantine is coming to Star(ling) City for Season 4 to resurrect Sara Lance in advance of her new role in Legends of Tomorrow. So, it seems likely that Black Canary and White Canary will meet in a sister/sister, Yin/Yang moment somewhere in Arrow Season 4.

[Image via Gage Skidmore / Creative Commons]