Duggar Cousin Amy King Shows Off Bikini Bod In New Honeymoon Video

The Duggar family recently attended their cousin Amy's wedding in Bentonville, Arkansas. Following Amy Duggar's nuptials, she flew to Cancun with her new husband, Dillon King, for a tropical honeymoon getaway. Amy and Dillon King arrived to Mexico and immediately began sharing photos and videos of their special moments in paradise. One of the videos show Amy sporting an outfit that is strictly forbidden in Jim Bob Duggar's home: a bikini.

Dillon King has shared a number of photos from his honeymoon with his new wife Amy. Amy can be seen doing a number of things that her Duggar cousins skipped on their honeymoons, including drinking alcoholic beverages, dancing, wearing short shorts, and even sporting a bikini.

Amy Duggar Honeymoon

In the above photo, posted by the former Duggar herself, Amy shows off in front of a black light while drinking an un-Duggarly beverage while wearing shorts that Jim Bob Duggar would no doubt find too revealing for his daughters. However, Amy didn't stop with fruity alcoholic beverages and short-shorts, she seemed to crush all Duggar dressing standards by posing in a bikini top with her new husband.

Amy Duggar in Bikini
Amy King steps out on her honeymoon vacation in a bikini top.

Though the bikini top photo got people talking about the more modern Duggar's apparel, Dillon King was sure to make it known that his wife sports a full-on bikini, not just the top. He posted a video yesterday bragging about his patio and private plunge pool before noting that despite both of those items being exceptional, neither compared to his wife who "rocks even harder" than any of the resort perks.

In the video, Amy King can be seen taking a dip in the couple's private plunge pool while sporting a turquoise bikini, a different one than she sported in the first photo. She playfully splashes in the water and blows her husband a kiss.

Amy Duggar's new husband shared a video that included a view of his wife's bikini body.
Amy Duggar's new husband shared a video that included a view of his wife's bikini body.

Though Amy Duggar King is not shy about flaunting her body in a bikini, her cousins are more conservative in their swimwear. In fact, Jim Bob Duggar's daughters do not wear bikinis or any other form of modern swimsuit. Instead, they opt for modesty wear like the swimsuits below that provide full coverage from shoulder to knee.

Duggar Swimsuits

Are you surprised that Amy has such a different taste in clothing than her more conservative cousins?

[Image Credit: Instagram]