Say It, Don’t Spray It! Jimmy Fallon Spits On Jessica Alba During Live Interview

Somebody should tell Jimmy Fallon “say it, don’t spray it,” as the live talk show host accidentally spit on Jessica Alba during a recent interview. He was getting a little too excited about Jessica’s business — The Honest Company — a retail organization that offers green beauty products and baby necessities. Watch the video here on Hollywood Life.

He was in the middle of an homage to Alba’s booming business when he let out a little spittle with his words. “This thing is now expanding, The Honest Company. I have diapers, I have wipes, I have — did I just spit on you?” he asked, looking around for a tissue. “A little bit,” Alba said with a laugh and a mention of her kids, who have most likely done far more disgusting things than that.

To recover, he said, “I wish I had one of the wipes now, I apologize. So gross.” The whole bit turned into a joke that had both Fallon and Alba laughing, as Fallon began spouting out words that started with P, like “pickles” and “platypuses.” He even moved across the desk to hide behind his laptop while he continued to talk about her new line of beauty products.

This interview was good for The Honest Company, which has received significant backlash following reports of severe sunburns after some consumers applied the sunscreen. Alba has been an avid defender of the company name, reporting that the company would never sell an unsafe product. She released a statement that said the following.

“Protecting our loved ones and yours is the reason we founded The Honest Company. As parents, it pains us to hear that anyone has had a negative experience with our Sunscreen. We develop and use Honest Sunscreen to protect our own children — Honor, Haven, Luke, Evie, and Poppy — at the park, in the pool, outside, every day. As with everything we do, we take sun protection seriously here at Honest.”

On the interview with Jimmy Fallon, Alba couldn’t stop talking about her kids. At one point, the conversation in the interview got around to discussing her “happy place.” When asked what it was she responded, “My kids. I’m going to see them after this. Cuddle them.”

Those who follow her on social media know that she is constantly posting photos of herself and husband of seven years, Cash Warren, with their two daughters, Honor and Haven. Alba talks about the day she married her husband and started her little family as if it was the happiest day of her life. Fans will remember when she got engaged back in December of 2007 to Warren, who presented her with a gorgeous diamond ring. They had been dating since 2004, just after she finished filming the Fantastic Four, where Warren was the assistant director.

She wasn’t wearing her ring during the interview, but Alba and Warren are often seen without their wedding rings. Even without the bling, Alba still looked radiant in a sparkly black dress that reached mid thigh and over-the-knee black, high heel boots.

Jimmy Fallon may have showered Jessica Alba with more than compliments during the interview, but it was still successful marketing for Alba’s brand and her burgeoning company.

[Image via Theo Wargo / Getty Images]