Whoopsy Daisy! Dizziness Fells New BMW Head Harald Krueger In His First Auto Show [Video]

There’s a lesson to be learned from the public, and now viral, collapse of new BMW head Harald Krueger. If you’re not feeling well, just stay home.

A dizzy spell is being blamed for Kreuger’s sudden and dramatic tumbling on the stage at the Frankfurt Auto Show Tuesday, a BMW spokesman told the Telegraph.

“Harald Krueger experienced a moment of dizziness. As a result, the press conference was cancelled in order that Mr Krueger could be examined by a doctor. Mr Krueger’s health is stable and he is recovering well.”

Harald, 49, fell in the first five minutes of his presentation, the Associated Press reported. He was talking about the company’s latest models.

In the video of the unfortunate incident, the 49-year-old seems right as rain as he begins his speech standing among some stellar vehicles, upright in a smart suit and speaking with a steady voice.

Then he shifts his weight a bit, and the small movement turns into an awkward lunge backward as he utters a couple more words before hitting the floor, completely stunned. For a couple moments, BMW’s chief executive officer lies there, hands above his head, like a turtle that’s rolled over on its back.

Soon, people rushed to his side, and a spokesman took the mic to say: “I’m a bit lost for words.” Two men escorted Krueger off the stage.

Chief financial officer Friedrich Eichiner took over the CEO’s duties at the auto show for the remainder of the day. Harald was examined by a doctor, who made him cancel the rest of his schedule and prescribed only one treatment: rest at home.

“His condition is not worrisome, they’ve ruled out anything serious,” spokesman Maximilian Schoeberl said.


Apparently, he was feeling a bit under the weather before his presentation, but despite that, decided to go ahead with the appearance anyway. A busy travel schedule may have been a contributing factor.

Turns out, it was his very first public presentation as CEO, a position he took over in May. Harald was there to talk about the company’s new version of its 7-Series sedan, the Evening Standard added.

The auto show opened Tuesday. In addition to BMW’s luxury vehicles, it also presented Volkswagen and Daimler models. BMW reportedly had a huge representation at the show, with 1,000 exhibitors.

Following his spill, Harald is reportedly recovering well. Perhaps next time he heads out for a public appearance, he’ll rest up before he takes the stage.

[Photo Courtesy YouTube Screengrab]