Man Mistakenly Asks Police Officer For Drugs By Texting The Wrong Number

A Florida man hoping to score some drugs made a huge mistake this month when he accidentally sent a text to a narcotics police officer asking for a drug "hook up."

According to the Huffington Post, 29-year-old William Lamberson is probably kicking himself in jail after texting the worst possible wrong number to instigate a drug deal. Lamberson attempted to send a message to a friend of his, hoping to purchase some green. However, he accidentally sent the text to Captain Brian Bergen, a narcotics cop from the Martin County Sheriff's Department.


According to CBS Local News, William Lamberson could not have had worse luck. Not only was the recipient of his incriminating text a police officer who also specializes in drug busts, but the number he dialed was only off by a single digit. To be fair, Captain Bergen made it perfectly clear to William Lamberson that he had no idea who he was and insisted that they didn't know each other, giving him plenty of time to avoid the mistake.

William Lamberson
William Lamberson

The Martin County Sherriff's Office posted screenshots of the exchange between Captain Bergen and William Lamberson on their Facebook page, adding, "It turns out, Lamberson's misdial connected him to someone who knows all too much about illegal drugs."

The narcotics officer took the exchange a step further, hoping to entrap William Lamberson in a guaranteed sting. He asked the clueless stranger if he knew where he could score some cocaine.


"He immediately responded to that, eagerly jumped on it offering up a connection for some good cocaine," said Bergen.

The police officer set up a meeting with William Lamberson to carry out the drug deal. But Lamberson wasn't greeted by a friendly face and a bag of marijuana -- he was ambushed by a team of narcotics detectives and a pair of handcuffs. William Lamberson was charged with possession of a controlled substance with the intent to sell.

"It's probably a good time to let Mr. Lamberson know, he had the wrong number," said the Facebook post.

Captain Bergen spoke about the unbelievably easy drug bust, admitting that drug dealers as stupid as William Lamberson are actually more common than you'd think.

"Not all drug dealers are the smartest people in the world, so we've had some pretty entertaining drug busts where it was too good to be true."

What would you do in the same position as William Lamberson?

[William Lamberson mugshot: MARTIN COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE]