Two Planes Crash Into Each Other While Taxiing At LAX

Two airplanes crashed into each other at Los Angeles Airport last night while taxiing, leaving a massive chunk of one jet on the ground and startling the 351 passengers aboard both flights.

According to the Daily Mail, no one was injured in the accident, which happened around 7:45 p.m. yesterday evening. A United Airlines flight that had just landed from New Jersey came in contact with an Alaska Airlines jet, which was in the process of departing from Gate 66. United Airlines asserted that their plane was heading toward Gate 73 at Terminal 7 at “low speed” when the accident occurred.

Alaska Airlines, meanwhile, asserted that their plane “was being pushed back from the gate about 7:45 p.m. and its wing tip clipped another aircraft.” Though 182 passengers were aboard that plane, they managed to continue their journey to Portland, Oregon, on another aircraft, roughly two hours after the accident, as CBS News reports.

It has yet to be established which aircraft was responsible for the collision, but LAX Public Relations Director Nancy Castles noted that an investigation into the accident will take place.

@KTLA @courtneyfriel @TheRickChambers @weatherkaj damage to united airplane that bump Alaska Airlines plane at lax

— Simon B. (@BecerraSimon) September 14, 2015

Passengers aboard both planes noted that they felt the impact of the accident, while some revealed that a large piece of one aircraft had fallen off. Diana Westmyer, who was seated aboard the United Airlines jet, related that the flight crew asked passengers to remain seated following the collision. They then experienced difficulty separating the planes, as the crash had forced them together.

“And then they came back and said we can’t move yet because they’re connected. They said they wanted everyone to sit back down because they were either going to pull us away from the other plane or pull the other plane away from us.”

Other passengers aboard the aircraft relayed details of the accident on Twitter. Actor Peter Cambor, who was aboard one of the jets, noted that the two were entwined following the accident.

“So…the United plane I’m on was pulling into the gate at LAX and…another plane just RAN INTO US! Planes are stuck together.”

Following the collision, the United Airlines jet was able to make it to the gate, where the airplane’s 169 passengers disembarked as they normally would.

[Photo via Twitter/ @brujo11c]