Lindsay Lohan Again Shows Signs of Mental Shakiness With Bizarre Instagram Rant

Ever since her child stardom, the trajectory of Lindsay Lohan’s public persona sure has been an interesting one. Like many child actors, Lohan got consumed by the career-eating vortex that is hard drugs and harder partying. Unlike most of those child actors, though, Lindsay has continued to make headlines ever since with her outrageous and often worrying antics.

Lohan just can’t seem to stay out of trouble for long, and the incoherent and clinically insane-sounding rant Lindsay wrote to accompany an Instagram photo she posted yesterday does not help her better public opinion of her.

Possibly brought on in part by Lohan being denied access to her home country, Canada, because of her past criminal activities, the post jumps from subject to subject, mentioning points that are completely unrelated to the history Lohan has established.

Take a look at the photo and accompanying comment Lindsay posted below and see what you make of it.

The post’s commenters were confused and worried because of what Lohan had written.

“Honestly don’t understand at all,” one wrote. “Thought it was about mj, then about forgiveness & then i got lost i love her but i’m soooo confused.”

“She’s definitely on drugs again,” another wrote about Lindsay.

“This incoherent, rambling post looks like a cry for help. Please get help LL.”

“It’s worse than ever!” commented a third, referring to the history Lindsay has with drug-induced shenanigans and generally weird acts that could easily be classified as signs of schizophrenia.

Other commenters thought the post was funny.

“This is hilarious. I can’t even pick the weirdest part. What is she ON?!”

Still others supported Lohan.

“Your reputation with me is not mislead. I only focus on the good things and not the bad. The Almighty God sees everything and He Loves us all. God will turn the wrongs into right in His time. God Bless,” said one.

“I love this,” wrote another Lohan fan. “It really speaks to me.”

Someone else scolded supporters of Lindsay in a comment.

“Those of you pretending that this is ‘normal’ or ‘artistic’ are worse than ‘haters’ because you enable her drug abuse. This is so sad and you idiots are trivializing addiction by pretending this is some deep commentary on society when she’s obviously high as balls. You folks are the lowest common denominator.”


Haters, supporters, and name-callers aside, though, what do you think about the post Lindsay Lohan put up on Sunday? Is it profound? It is complete nonsense? Let others know in the comment section below.

[Image via Monika Fellner/Getty Images]