Father Who Reversed Over 15-Month-Old Son Claims He Didn’t Realize Until He Returned Home To Find EMS Treating Son In Drive Way

Jamie Ellison of Cheltenham, England was traumatized after learning that his 15-month-old son AJ had been struck by a vehicle moments after leaving his home, but he was even more stunned to uncover that he was the driver that hit him, according to the Mirror. Ellison told police officials that as he was loading his two daughters into the family vehicle, he remembered seeing AJ inside of the house, waving in front the window.

However, at some point, AJ made his way outside without his father or his two sisters in the vehicle knowing. When Ellison finished strapping the girls in, he got into this vehicle and unbeknownst to him, reversed over his son, who was standing in his blind side. Ellison claims as he pulled out of the drive way, he doesn’t recall hitting anything; therefore, he continued driving his daughters to school, unknowingly leaving his son injured in the driveway.

“I drop my daughters at school, which was around the time my girlfriend had alerted me that AJ had been hit by a vehicle. Naturally I get to the scene with police ambulances etc,” said Ellison. “Of course, I’m assuming it’s a hit and run as I had no idea I reversed into my son on the blind side. My two daughters were also unaware he was there.”

In fact, Ellison was so sure that it was a case of hit-and-run that he turned to Facebook asking for help. He wrote: “I beg anyone who was on Hester’s Way Road between 8:30 and 8:40….doing school runs or catching a bus etc. to please call the police and help find who did this to my little man x thank you x.”

According to the Daily Mail, when Ellison was alerted that he in fact ran over his son after police officials viewed surveillance footage, he informed everyone via Facebook saying, “Yes it was me…I just didn’t see him or feel a bump my 2 daughters in the car also didn’t see or hear him…..so imagine how I feel right now to be told that I accidentally ran over my own son…think about that.”

“That guilt will be with me forever. Could you imagine what I felt like then knowing I nearly killed my own son completely unaware that I was responsible?”

After he revealed that he was the person responsible for running over his son, negative comments began to pour in. He responded with: “You really think I hit him on purpose to do a school run only to get in an ambulance with him 10 mins later? Think about that. Then I have to collect my other son and two daughters from school and inform them about their brother. I hope it’s a chat you never have to go through. I can genuinely understand some opinions on here, but that’s all they are, opinions.”

After watching the surveillance footage, police officials believe that Jamie Ellison unintentionally ran over his son and the incident is “not being treated as suspicious.” AJ is currently being treated at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and he is expected to make a full recovery.

[Image courtesy of Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images]