Amal Clooney Only Gets ‘High Profile Cases’ Because Of George Clooney

Amal Clooney only gets such high profile cases because she is married to George Clooney, insists one of the leading barristers in England.

Edward Faulks QC works as an English barrister and Queen’s Counsel, while he was appointed as the Minister of State For Justice in December 2013, and clearly he believes that Amal Clooney’s celebrity husband is the reason for her success.

Speaking to the Daily Mail about the 37-year-old human rights lawyer, Lord Faulks stated, “I’m sure she gets such high-profile cases and everyone wants her because she’s married to George Clooney; and by employing her they’ll give publicity to their case.”

Most recently, Amal Clooney worked on a case involving Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy. However, Clooney lost this case, which took place in Egypt, and it eventually saw Fahmy jailed for three years for three charges, which include being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organisation, aiding and funding the Muslim Brotherhood, broadcasting false news and reports of civil disputes in Egypt, and operating without licenses.

Speaking of his thoughts on her comments after this trial, Faulks added, “I heard her speak after the court case defending the journalists who were convicted in Egypt and, if I’d have close my eyes, I’d have placed her because she has this new-age media trendy accent. I can tell you, they weren’t like that when I was a barrister.”

Faulks isn’t the only lawyer to have commented on the fact that Amal Clooney gets high-profile cases because of her marriage to one of the most famous men on the planet. Jonathan Ames, who is the editor of Legal Cheek, wrote an article for the website entitled, “Amal – she’s famous for being a film star’s wife. Get over it,” earlier this month

In the piece Ames writes, “There are plenty of clever lawyers out there – many with considerably more impressive human rights records than Amal Clooney. But her intellectual and professional muscle – and even her base sex appeal – is nothing compared to one fact: she married a Hollywood heart-throb called George.”

Amal Clooney studied law at the New York University School of Law in 2001, while during her studies she worked as a clerk at the International Court Of justice and at the United States Court Of Appeal. Following her studies Clooney then worked at Sullivan & Cromwell in New York for three years, and since then has worked in the Office of the Prosecutor at the UN Special Tribunal for Lebanon and at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for 100 LIVES]