Woman Gives Birth To Her Own Grandson After Becoming Daughter’s Surrogate

A 53-year-old woman gave birth to her own grandson after a heartwarming series of events that helped ensure her daughter had the family she always wanted. Antonietta Di Maggio offered to become her daughter’s surrogate as a last ditch effort to help her daughter who was born with a medical condition that stopped her uterus from growing normally.

The Daily Mail reports that 30-year-old Claudia Luca desperately wanted a family of her own. However, due to a medical condition known as MRKH (Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser) syndrome, the young woman’s fallopian tubes and uterus never fully developed. Despite the incomplete reproductive system, Claudio did have functioning ovaries. Therefore, when Claudia married Sonny she still held out hope that one day she would be able to have a biological child.

60 Minutes documented the amazing moment that Claudia’s dreams came true thanks to an unlikely source. Knowing that Claudia was struggling with finding a surrogate, the woman’s mother Antonietta offered to carry the baby for her. Despite her age, Antonietta said she wanted to do everything in her power to ensure her daughter had the baby she deserved. Therefore, she didn’t hesitate to make the offer of surrogacy when the topic was brought up.

Antonietta says that initially both Claudia and Sonny were skeptical of Antonietta’s ability to carry the child, claiming she was “too old.”

“I said: ‘Claudia, I’ll carry your baby for you. I’ll do it for you’ And her and Sonny, their first reaction was: ‘You can’t do it, you’re too old!'”

Despite their initial concerns, the family decided to consult an OBGYN who gave them the green light to proceed with some attempts at in-vitro fertilization. The doctors took Claudia’s eggs which were fertilized by Sonny’s sperm and placed them in Antonietta’s womb. After four attempts, a pregnancy test showed that Antonietta was pregnant with her daughter’s child.

Claudia says she will never be able to thank her mother for what she did as it was too big.

“I’ll never be able to. How do you thank the person who’s fulfilled my lifelong dream? And it was my mum of all people.”

Antonietta says she has a special bond with her grandson due to their special connection and bond that was developed during pregnancy.

“It’s very precious. He [Luciano] is so precious to me,. They’re all precious, but I have that bond, that connection with him.”

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[Image Credit: 60 Minutes screenshot via Nine]