Was the Bigfoot discovery a hoax?

Anyone visiting the site for the first time looking for Bigfoot pics, please see this post for the pic and details, or our introduction here

Perhaps not surprisingly, accusations are now surfacing that the North Georgia Bigfoot story is a hoax.

The evidence comes in on two fronts. The first accusation is that the alleged Bigfoot in the picture is actually a Halloween costume available from TheHorrorDrome.com. There are clear similarities, particularly with the nose, a comparison shot to the right.

The second part of the evidence comes with an admitted fraud from the so-called Bigfoot hunters who claimed to have found the body. Matthew Whitton and Ricky Dyer made a video showing a “Dr Paul van Buren” confirming the Bigfoot finding was legitimate, but it turns out the doctor was a fake and Whitton’s brother. They are still claiming that the corpse is real though:

Then there’s the involvement of Tom Biscardi, an active (but never once selected) candidate in the Democratic Party. According to bfro.net, Biscardi is a conman who has peddled a Bigfoot hoax before, and the press release scheduled Friday is a ploy to promote himself and nothing more.

Any so-called finding of Bigfoot, without scientific backup or proof, always sounds dubious, but I guess many of us wanted to believe, at least a little bit. The press conference is scheduled around 12 hours after this post is being written, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but certainly the signs aren’t good for it being real.